Stating that many problems may lie under nasal congestion, Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Gökduman said, “Our nose has a very important task such as smelling, as well as respiratory functions such as humidifying the air that allows us to breathe before going to the lungs, purifying it from small microparticles such as dust, and adjusting its temperature to the internal body temperature.

Nasal congestion occurs as a result of many factors that prevent us from breathing comfortably through our nose with our mouth closed. There are many temporary and permanent reasons for this situation. In cases where nasal congestion is permanent, the quality of life may be seriously impaired, and many important chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart diseases may occur over time.

Providing information about the causes of nasal congestion, Op. Dr. Gökduman used the following statements:

“In general, permanent nasal obstructions occur due to anatomical disorders such as deviation of the septum (inner part of the nose), while temporary nasal obstruction is generally seen in inflammatory and allergic conditions. The curvature of the nose or large nasal concha, and the deterioration of the anatomical structure as a result of trauma to the nose may cause congestion. In addition, viral infections such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, cold, flu can also cause this problem. Benign or malignant tumors originating from the nasal cavity, sinuses or nasopharynx, and nasal valve stenosis are among the causes of obstruction.

Drawing attention to nasal congestion in children, Gökduman said, “In children, the presence of adenoid, foreign body, choanal atresia can cause nasal congestion. In case of nasal congestion, respiratory problems may occur, as well as the inability to smell or a change in the sense of smell, as well as throat and mouth infections, gingival disorders and recurrent oral aphthae, which occur more frequently than normal due to forced mouth breathing. Again, although snoring is caused by problems such as narrowing of the distance between the tongue root and the pharynx, nasal congestion can also cause snoring or worsen the current situation.

Kiss. Dr. Gökduman stated that the treatment of nasal congestion should be aimed at the cause and gave the following information:

“With the convenience of today’s technology, the cause of nasal obstruction is clearly determined and the treatment is planned, by evaluating the inside of the nose clearly with endoscopic examination and, if necessary, imaging methods such as tomography and MRI. While drug treatment is often sufficient in allergic rhinitis and inflammatory conditions, surgery should be planned in cases such as septum deviation, nasal polyps, and chronic sinusitis resistant to medical treatment.

Stating that the treatment methods may be different in children and adults, Akduman said, “Anaphthae surgery is performed in cases where there is no response to medical treatments in the presence of adenoid, which we encounter most frequently in childhood, while septoplasty is performed in the case of curvature of the inner part of the nose, which we encounter most frequently in adulthood.

In the case of nasal concha size, which we encounter mostly due to allergies in adulthood, but can occur without allergy, again, in cases where there is no response to medical treatment, the concha radiofrequency procedure, which can be performed under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization, can be performed to reduce the nasal concha.

In cases of nasal polyp chronic sinusitis, which we encounter less frequently in adults, sinusitis surgeries, which we call functional endoscopic sinus surgery, are performed in cases where there is no response to medical treatment. Rhinoplasty surgeries, which have recently become popular in our country and in the world, are also frequently applied by the ENT branch, with the desire to correct the shape of my nose while the patients are undergoing surgery, on noses with septum deviation with nasal obstruction.

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