Glutathione therapy is one of the most important antioxidants. Therefore, it mixes with the body with vitamin C and activates many mechanisms. Glutathione, a supplemental that protects us from allergies and keeps us alive and alive; it is not a medicine. Glutathione therapy is a supportive therapy.

People who have more than 6 infections a year, have allergies and have diseases such as thyroid and diabetes should definitely benefit from glutathione treatment. Glutathione therapy provides many benefits such as strengthening immunity, relieving allergies, protecting from infections and providing sugar regulation. Apart from that, anyone who wants to be stronger and healthier can benefit from glutathione treatment in 4 doses once a week.

Glutathione treatment is also effective for people who have problems such as acne, blemishes, tingling or rash on the body. For this reason, if a stain on the skin is to be treated, I recommend using treatments such as glutathione and ozone. Glutathione therapy; After evaluating the person fully, it facilitates the rewriting of the codes in the problematic areas, thus facilitating the treatment we will apply on the skin and obtain more efficiency from the treatment. Therefore, we benefit from glutathione treatment both to treat aesthetic problems and to get better results and to strengthen the immune system.

It is possible to take vitamin C with high doses during glutathione treatment, which is once again important in the pandemic process. Glutathione treatment is an intravenous treatment method. Such treatment methods can be performed in clinics, medical centers and hospitals that have certificates.

Glutathione therapy also plays a big role in skipping the disease caused by the COVID-19 virus more easily. Let’s be conscious, stay healthier.

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