Noting that 25 percent of the society has fatty liver, Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak pointed out that recent studies have shown that liver fat is increased not only in overweight people, but also in people with thin or normal weight. Stating that fatty liver occurs when more than 5 percent of liver cells become fat cells, Prof. Dr. Yaprak said, “Fatty liver has become the biggest increasing problems of today’s world.

Fatty is when more than 5 percent of the normal cells of the liver are formed by fat cells. We can also divide fat into 3, as mild, moderate and severe. The rate of fat is increasing worldwide. Whereas 20 years ago it was around 10 percent, today one out of every four people, that is, 25 percent of the population, has fatty liver. Even this rate of around 30 percent in Turkey, “he said.

Providing information about the causes of liver fat, Prof. Dr. Yaprak said, “Between 40 percent and 80 percent of the causes of fatty liver, there is metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome has components such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and high cholesterol. These are factors that predispose to fatty liver. If the person has a condition called metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, it means between 40 and 80 percent of liver fat, ”he said.

Stating that 60 percent of people with liver fat in the society are overweight, Prof. Dr. Yaprak continued his words as follows:

“Obesity is also one of the causes of fatty liver. When we look at the biochemistry of people with fatty liver, we see that their triglyceride, LDL (low density lipoprotein), cholesterol and fasting blood sugar are high. Conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterol are also other factors that predispose to fatty liver. However, studies have started to reveal that people who do not have such risk factors in the world have fatty liver. In other words, we see that people who are weak or have a normal weight also have fatty liver. If your body mass index is below 25 percent, you are at normal weight, if it is below 20 percent, you are underweight. In this type of people, between 10 percent and 20 percent of fatty liver has started. “

Underlining that eating habits are one of the leading causes of fatty liver in individuals with low or normal weight, Prof. Dr. Yaprak said, “The eating habits of the society have changed. Nutrition started with ready-made foods from sugar we call fructose. Fructose creates an alcohol-like inflammation in the liver. Unconscious diets and fasting for a long time also lubricate the liver. Metabolic diseases have also started to increase in society. Genetic mutations started to emerge. For example, a mutation in a gene called PNLP LA3 caused fatty liver to occur in people with weak or normal weight. Another reason is hereditary conditions. So whatever you do, even if you are not overweight, your liver can be oily ”.

Drawing attention to the importance of protein-based nutrition, Prof. Dr. Yaprak said, “Another reason that led to fatty liver in weak people was the finding that the adiponectin, which we call adiponectin, is also low in a kind of hormone produced in adipose tissue. Likewise, loss of muscle mass is an important factor that causes fatty liver. Low-protein nutrition, long-term hunger causes muscle loss and thus fat tissue begins to form in the body. In fact, even if you do not look overweight from the outside, the replacement of muscle tissue by fat tissue, which we call secret fat, also leads to hidden fat. Again, this brings along the fatty liver, ”he said.

Stating that liver diseases do not cause symptoms from the outside, but it is possible to predict whether there is liver fat in women and men by looking at the waist and abdomen circumference. Dr. Yaprak continued as follows:

“There are people who have apparently guessed fatty liver. For example, waist circumference is important. Speaking specifically for Turkish people, it is estimated whether a person has a waist circumference of 100 centimeters in men, and a waist circumference of more than 90 centimeters in women and a fatty liver. But the healthiest thing is to subtract 10 from these numbers, not exceeding 90 centimeters for men and 80 centimeters for women. “

Stating that as there are many factors that cause fatty liver, fatty liver can also invite many diseases. Dr. “Diabetes and cholesterol may cause fatty liver and the opposite may be the case. In other words, fatty liver can also lead to diabetes. In those with fatty liver, the risk of diabetes may increase 3-4 times. Apart from that, diseases that may occur in the liver itself are another issue we are afraid of. People with fatty liver have a 3 percent rate of developing liver cirrhosis in 10 years. People who develop liver cirrhosis have a 10 percent chance of developing liver cancer. When fat develops, the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer increases. In recent studies, it has been revealed that fatty liver without cirrhosis leads to liver cancer, ”he said.

Stating that overweight individuals can reduce liver fat by losing weight, Prof. Dr. Leaf, lean or normal weight individuals, gave recommendations to regress fatty liver without losing weight. Prof. Dr. The leaf says, “If the cause is excess weight, when you lose 10 percent of this weight, the fat will regress. People who are thin may not achieve a 10 percent reduction in their blood cholesterol levels by exercising. We recommend that they improve their nutritional habits, eat rich in olive oil, consume vegetables and greens, stay away from ready-made processed foods, carbohydrates and bakery products, and get enough sleep ”.

Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak ended his words as follows:

“Intestinal flora is also an important point. Weak people should regulate their intestinal flora. Especially recently, there is a very serious correlation between intestinal flora, which we call microbiota, and fatty liver. They can also take probiotics. Although they are weak with regular exercise and sleep, a healthy diet, fatty liver will regress without losing weight.

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