It can usually take between 4 months and 12 months. In fact, the reason why many diseases such as measles, chickenpox and hepatitis are seen much more rarely in the first 6 months in the baby are these antibodies that provide immunity from the mother.

Antibodies pass to the baby in the womb

If the mother has not had Covid-19, it is not possible for breast milk to be fully effective against the virus. However, if the vaccine is given directly to the body of the person harmlessly, an antigen of his microbe is given and the immune system is made to make antibodies against Covid-19, the antibody here also passes directly into the breast milk. There are many antibodies that pass through the mother’s blood to the fetus during pregnancy.

If the mother had Covid-19 during her pregnancy, these antibodies are passed to the baby not only through breast milk but also while carrying the child in the mother’s womb. After a while it also decreases. However, as long as the baby receives breast milk after birth, antibodies against Covid-19 continue to pass. Of course, the antibody he gets from breast milk is not as high as the antibody formed by the infection passed while in the womb. Breast milk, especially at 3-4 days old, is extremely valuable. In general, it contains many immune substances that contain protection.

Will Covid-19 vaccines harm the baby?

A question that especially mothers and expectant mothers are wondering all over the world; “The question is whether getting the coronavirus vaccine will harm their babies.” Recent research shows that vaccines do not harm, and can provide protection to infants through the transmission of antibodies. In a joint study by Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, the study consisted of 84 pregnant women, 31 breastfeeding women, and 16 pregnant or non-lactating women. These women received two doses of the Pfizer/BionTech or Moderna vaccine. The efficacy of the vaccines was the same among pregnant and lactating women and other women.

So, how long can protection through milk last?

The answer to this question is unclear. The common view is that babies who are breastfed every day will be more protected than those who are not fed with continuous antibody milk. In other words, it can be interpreted that it will be as effective as a regular drug. In general, the anti-infective and immunomodulatory effects of breast milk come to the fore in the prevention of infections. Passive natural immunity is provided with especially high secretory IgA and other bioactive substances in breast milk.

In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining and supporting breastfeeding is necessary to prevent infection. According to the available scientific data, in the presence of contact or infection, it is recommended that the mother should continue to breastfeed, or continue to breastfeed by expressing, by wearing a mask and providing the necessary hygiene rules.

Breastfeeding protects mothers from many diseases

A nursing mother produces proteins that are infected, protect her, and are also passed on to her baby. Thus, it protects your baby from getting an infection. The same process applies to almost all viral infections.

In addition, some substances other than antibodies also play a role in the antiviral properties of breast milk. There are also bioactive structures with important immunological properties in breast milk. In addition, breastfeeding protects the mother from many diseases and keeps her in a healthy and stable mood. It has been reported that the hormone oxytocin, which increases in the mother’s blood during breastfeeding, has a protective effect from early depression and has a regulatory effect on maternal psychology.

Considering the protective properties of breast milk and lactation on human health, the importance of continuing breastfeeding in epidemics and other extraordinary situations cannot be denied. Breast milk is the healthiest, most natural and least costly food for the baby, along with its unique nutritional properties and protective effect from diseases.

As a result, it should not be forgotten that there is no harm in breastfeeding their babies with peace of mind, whether they have had Covid-19 disease or have been vaccinated, and it is quite protective against this infection.

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