The amount of breast tissue available is very important when planning a breast augmentation operation. The breast tissue in women with small breasts, the type, size, shape and placement of the implant should be calculated very carefully. If you use the right technique and approach, you can enlarge your breasts and have natural looking breasts proportional to your body.

Breast implant and fat injection can be applied

In women with low natural breast tissue, fat injection techniques can be applied in combination with silicone gel breast implants. Soft tissue deficiency can be eliminated with nano or micro fat injection techniques.

Breast implants can be made by making sub-muscular or super-muscular incisions according to the patient’s existing breast tissue and placing a breast implant. Thanks to the developing medicine, successful results can be obtained by using breast implants with the closest size and feel to nature, without damaging the milk ducts. Since anesthesia is applied in this option, the patient can have full breasts in a short time without feeling anything. After these operations, the recovery times of which are getting shorter and shorter, the patient can return to his daily life within a few days.

The size of the implant should be proportional to the body

If the implant to be used is larger than the size of the natural breast, it is more likely to be visible. For this reason, during the examination and planning the surgery, the width of the breast tissue and the width of the rib cage help calculate the implant size that will give a natural breast appearance. Modest implants in body-congruent size and profile usually give the most natural looking results in slim women with minimal breast tissue. The larger the implant, the less likely it is to look natural.

If you have little natural breast tissue, your breasts are too small to look like you, and most importantly, if you feel unhappy, you may consider getting breast augmentation. You can consult an expert plastic surgeon on the most suitable procedure, implant size and shape for you. If your general health condition is correct and there is a problem that will disturb you aesthetically, your plastic surgeon will guide you in the most accurate way.

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