We consume strawberries, one of the most beautiful fruits of spring. We think that strawberry leaves are also garbage and we throw them away most of the time. However, the strawberry leaf is just as useful as the strawberry itself.

If consumed with tea made from dry or wet form, it can heal many ailments. Strawberry leaf tea benefits patients in cases of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, accumulation of water in the abdomen, kidney and bladder disorders, and sand and stone disorders. Here are the many benefits of strawberry leaf.

Strawberry leaf, which is a complete intestinal friend, is perfect against intestinal inflammation, intestinal worms, intestinal gas and constipation. It also has an accelerating effect on metabolism.

It helps to remove the edema that accumulates in the body. It is also diuretic. It regulates the work of the kidneys and helps to pour sand and stones. However, with the potassium and phosphorus it contains, it may pose a problem for patients with chronic kidney failure. Therefore, kidney patients should consume in consultation with their doctor.

It protects the liver and is good for liver diseases.

-It is good for boarding height.

Strawberry leaf, which has antioxidant properties, cleans the blood and strengthens the immune system.

-Protects against laryngeal cancer.

-It facilitates sleep, is perfect for stress.

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