Infectious and Microbiology Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Duran Tok said that pandemics usually fade for three reasons and lose their effect. Tok said, “Either the virus is mutated and its ability to infect humans is reduced, or immunity is provided with widespread vaccination, or a significant segment of the society becomes infected, and the pandemic will naturally end because the virus can no longer infect widespread.

It is not a factor in our hands that the virus is mutated. Until social immunity is achieved and the vaccine, which is another possibility, reaches all segments of the society, we will not be able to do much except precaution. In that case, it is not our duty to sit and wait for the pandemic to end for whatever reason, but to continue on the road by determining a new lifestyle without making life difficult and unbearable. In other words, it will be learning to live with Covid-19, “he said.


Stating that living with Covid-19 may seem like a troublesome process at first, Assoc. Dr. Tok said, “The formation of public awareness on the subject and the consensus on the fact that the material and spiritual difficulties of the measures taken are less than the difficulties of intensive care patients will allow this period to be easily overcome. “Immunity is one of the most important factors. Body immunity, which is also important in normal times, has a special importance in the pandemic period. Sleeping enough, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, a solid mood are some of them.”


Noting that some practical information is needed to facilitate this period, Assoc. Dr. Tok said:

“With Covid-19, we should know that the basic measures (mask, distance, hygiene) that are constantly described in life will be for a while in our lives. In order to minimize these, simple activities that we will do especially on the days of restriction on going out to the streets will be very effective. and video calls are just a few of them. “

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