In order not to be affected by this problem, also known as affective disorder, some precautions should be taken in the spring months. Upset. Dr. Şaban Karayağız gave information about bipolar, that is, affective disorder, which occurs in many people with the change of air temperature.

It can also cause excessive spending

The effect of seasonal changes on human psychology is a proven fact in scientific research. Although it is generally thought that only seasonal depression occurs in seasonal transitions, a mood disorder that is the opposite of depression, that is, emotional collapse, emerges with the prolongation of the days in the spring, the gradual showing of the hot face of the sun and the warming of the weather. In this period, manic attack manifested by the overflow or increase in emotions; It leads to excessive joy and enjoyment, insomnia, increased energy, the desire to talk too much or spend too much money.

Not to be confused with depression

In the spring, an overflow or an increase in emotions is seen, and the person may feel happier or more angry than he is. Emotions continue to rise unabated in the spring. Just as emotional collapse is a deviation from normal, excessive rise in emotions is a deviation. However, as long as the rise in emotions is not exaggerated, it may not be noticed by those around. On the other hand, depression, which is a recurring health problem, causes emotional collapse in autumn and winter. It has been determined that seasonal depression and related suicidal acts are high especially in the Baltic countries, which are longing for the sun.

Symptoms that help diagnose the disease

• People who have a manic attack in the spring can usually be noticed by those around them with statements such as “His joy is very good, I have never seen him happy like that”.
• The increase in emotion level, which is the main feature of this period, is observed at the same rate for most of the day for at least 7 days.
• Accelerated thinking, increased speech, feeling energetic despite little or no sleep are other symptoms.
• Failure to see the cause and effect connection between events, investments made without thinking about the end of this period and creating risks, and uncontrolled performance of enjoyable activities are among the symptoms of a manic attack.

If left untreated, the picture can get worse

When the picture is sometimes severe, these feelings may be accompanied by hallucinations or delusions. Extreme symptoms such as seeing oneself in a high position, feeling like saints, talking to supernatural beings (angels or demons) may be the result of this thought content. The disease picture is called manic attack and the disorder in which the person is in is called bipolar (bipolar) disorder. It is a disorder with a higher genetic transmission compared to other mental illnesses. It often tends to become chronic or recurring. Biologically, it has been determined that the secretions of certain hormones such as serotonin and noradrenaline are disrupted in the brain. When such a discomfort symptom is observed, the person should definitely consult a specialist.

Suggestions for protection from mood disorders

1. In the spring months, the diet should be changed in order to avoid emotional disturbances. Foods that are easy to digest should be selected. A balanced and healthy diet should be taken and the daily amount of water the body needs should definitely be taken.

2. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day, and obey the sleep pattern and duration. Coffee and tea that will disturb sleep should be avoided.

3. Daylight should be used for a long time, no time should be spent indoors, sun-drenched areas should be preferred at home and workplaces.

4. Light-colored clothes that reflect sunlight should be worn, and fine-textured and breathable clothes should be preferred.

5. Attention should be paid to the increase in energy in the person, and if there is a contaminated joy, it should be followed.

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