One of the important points in Eid al-Adha is to cook the meat of the sacrifice correctly. By cooking it correctly, we can make the best use of the meat we consume and take an important step to strengthen our digestive system. In this way, you can both maintain your form and get rid of weight by shrinking during the holiday.

Dr. Özgönül said, “Actually, a roast made with tallow not only strengthens our body but also helps us a lot in our fight against weight.’

Now let’s see how the best meat of sacrifice should be cooked in the feast of sacrifice;

* Let’s clean the very fatty parts of our qurban meat and cut it into cubes.
* Take the meat in a pot large enough to cook easily
* Let’s not put butter or lard, the meat should start to cook with its own net.
* Let’s not mix it with a piercing tool such as a fork or knife, otherwise the water in the meat will come out with excess, so both the taste and nutritional value of the meat will be lost.
* Let’s cook the meat in its own juice on very low heat and with the lid of the pot fully closed.
* Let’s not add salt during this period
* Meat does not need to be fully cooked. It is sufficient for the water to decrease and for the half-cooking process to take place.
* In order for the meat not to lose its nutritional value, we should not cook it too fast.
* Cut the tallow (the oil that surrounds the organs and has a very high nutritional value) in a large deep pan and cook it in this pan on a slow fire until it melts.
* The amount of this fat should be 25% of the meat. That is, there should be 250 g of internal fat for one kilogram of meat.
* Then we should mix this oil into the meat we cook and continue cooking. When the meat is completely drained, we can add salt and spices and eat it with pleasure.

Dr. Finally, Fevzi Özgönül drew attention to the following issue.

Contrary to what is known, fatty meals do not make us fat, not eating fat and protein or not being able to digest them makes us fat. Whether it is roasted or boiled, eat healthy meat dishes this holiday.

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