Prof. Erensoy stated to the AA reporter that mutated viruses became dominant in the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Expressing that mutations due to the spread of the virus have developed, Erensoy said, “One special mutation was mentioned at the beginning of the epidemic. Now a special mutation, which is 614, has been identified. It is now widely established. Mutation viruses identified as alarming have been detected and spread. Initially, the transmission rate of the virus must be cut before mutations can occur. ” said.

Prof. Dr. Erensoy pointed out that the Kovid-19 outbreak affected more people than last year.

Emphasizing that the virus will continue to meet if the precautions are not taken, Erensoy said:

“We are now at a higher risk than last year because viruses are transmitted much more quickly with the current mutation. So summer should not be trusted. If we do not really do not complete the closure process, we may cause the virus to increase even more if we stop the measures after the holiday. Also, more people are carrying the virus. they become infected, and because they are active, they can spread more viruses. “

Underlining the importance of vaccination in combating the epidemic, Prof. Dr. Selda Erensoy added that efforts in this direction should be continued and those who hesitate should also inform them.

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