Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener said to the AA correspondent that chronic diseases continue to exist on people during the Kovid-19 process.

It is more than a year in Turkey during the ongoing chronic disease epidemic ones Sen, indicating that the effects, “This pandemic period began disrupting the patient’s treatment plan with chronic diseases. In addition, the disease has become chronic, such as Hepatitis C in social isolation process and unwitting patients in less hospital As they left, there were diagnosis and treatment disruptions. ” said.

Şener stated that he saw a significant delay in the diagnosis and treatment of those with viral hepatitis and infectious jaundice during the epidemic process, * Why is the delay in diagnosis important in infectious jaundice? If you are getting this virus, if it is Hepatitis A, B or C virus, you can infect and distribute these viruses without realizing it.

Delay in diagnosis also causes delay in treatment. Technically speaking, delay in treatment causes chronic diseases in some of these viral diseases, as it causes serious liver damage such as cirrhosis. When we look at the group of viral hepatitis with cirrhosis-related diseases said a serious population in Turkey. “gave the information.

Prof. Dr. Sener, Turkey Liver Research Association, Association of War When Viral Hepatitis and Viral Hepatitis Clinical data of war Looking at his work Groups of 3 to 3.5 million patients with chronic viral hepatitis that was passed in Turkey.

Pointing out that this is an important figure when looking at the sum of both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Şener said, “We know that the total of these viral Hepatitis B and C patients cumulatively will progress to cirrhosis of 10 to 15 percent of a serious group in the following 10 years. It is possible to get rid of these diseases with very short treatments in order not to progress to cirrhosis and to prevent cirrhosis.

From the moment you are diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus today, you have the chance to treat it with an oral tablet within 8 to 12 weeks, just like a simple throat infection. It is possible to prevent the progression of cirrhosis to liver cancer from the beginning with early diagnosis and early treatment, it is useful to say that diagnosis and treatment should not be delayed especially for Hepatitis C patients.
Şener emphasized that early intervention in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic Hepatitis B is one of the most life-saving and long-term measures to ensure life comfort.

“We focused only on coronavirus during the epidemic process”

Şener pointed out that the epidemic affecting the whole world caused the other diseases to be “emptied” and stated that all individuals should be more careful in this regard.

Şener pointed out that viral hepatitis constitutes a very serious sum in this group and said:

“In Turkey, we see that the intense hepatitis B and C infections, we look geographically. Hepatitis B verde we treatments, usually mostly for ongoing treatment for life. Because like diabetes, virus like blood disease we need to keep under long-term pressure, but Hepatitis Our hands are much more comfortable in C. From the moment you are diagnosed with hepatitis C, the Ministry of Health also makes the related repayments completely free of charge and without any contribution.In a period of 8 to 12 weeks, ie 3 months, it eliminates the possibility of cirrhosis and liver cancer as a maximum. you have the situation.

Hepatitis C patients, patients with suspected hepatitis C should not delay especially in diagnosis and treatment. Which group is this group of patients? Especially the dialysis patient group among the risky population, the patient group entering and leaving hemodialysis. Especially alcohol and substance addicts are in this risk group. Apart from that, the patient group, which still has an ongoing disease, goes in and out of the hospital very often, has surgery, and has repeated blood transfusions, constitutes a serious population in terms of the transmission of Hepatitis C.

The total group of patients with hepatitis C is estimated about 800 to 1 million in Turkey. If we diagnose them in the early period, we will save a serious disease burden, both the health system, the health economy and the Ministry of Health. Therefore, we can say that we are afraid of being diagnosed and being afraid of being late, especially for Hepatitis B and C. “

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