Assoc. Dr. Cüneyd Anıl gave information about the importance of regular follow-up in diabetes, the precautions that patients should take in the pandemic, and remote patient follow-up with digital applications. Stating that disruption of the control of diabetic patients will lead to deterioration of blood sugar settings, Anıl said, “Diabetes is among the chronic diseases whose regular controls are disrupted during the pandemic process. Disruption of the control of diabetic patients may disrupt their blood sugar settings and cause serious health problems in the short and long term.

It is important that patients can access their doctors remotely in order to keep their blood sugar settings under control during the pandemic process. Covid-19 is really a serious infection and inflammation, it can lead to very serious disorders. Probably our diabetic patients get this virus more easily. More importantly, diabetes can already create a general immunodeficiency due to blood sugar misalignment. Therefore, the viral load, that is the virus load taken by the individual, can be higher. If our diabetes patient is controlled, he may delay his periodic check-ups. The most important detail here is that they should monitor their blood sugar regularly. If possible, they should try to access their physician remotely. Lifestyle regulations, diet and exercise are of great importance for regular blood sugar. It is also important that they use their medicines regularly, “he said.


Regarding the benefit of ‘online doctor’ service to diabetic patients during the pandemic period, Anıl said, “Especially in such periods, it is much more important to reach a doctor remotely. Thanks to the ‘Trust Online Doctor’ service of our hospital, we can manage these processes without putting our patients at risk. Patients can notify us of their blood glucose measurements with this system.When a blood test is required, they can have their tests done at home with our home care services without coming to the hospital. “We ensure that all kinds of pandemic precautions are taken carefully. After evaluating them in our laboratories, we provide feedback to our patients again through online interviews.”

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