Head of Hacettepe University (HU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Diseases, Department of Nephrology and Member of the Board of the Turkish Society of Hypertension and Kidney Diseases. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Yunus Erdem said that the sodium in salt is an essential element for the body and that it should be taken daily with certain nutrients.

Stating that this amount is 5-6 grams for a healthy adult, Erdem emphasized that the idea that salt is obtained from various sources and that some of them have more benefits for health is not valid.

Erdem pointed out that in terms of health, the amount of salt consumed regardless of the source from which it is obtained is important.

“The prevalence of hypertension in the population over the age of 18 is about 45 percent”

Underlining that daily salt consumption of more than 5-6 grams is closely related to high blood pressure in adults, Erdem said, “In our country, when blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg and above by definition, the prevalence of hypertension is around 45% in the population above the age of 18. Around the age of 60, the frequency reaches 60 percent. ” he spoke.

Stating that many factors play a role in the emergence of hypertension, Erdem gave the following information:

“Increased As another most important factors in weight and high salt consumption comes to the fore. Hypertension with the increased heart disease, leads to brain disease and renal insufficiency such as stroke. According to the Ministry of Health, life for reasons linked to more than 100 thousand people hypertension in Turkey every year the is losing.

It should be kept in mind that even in the year when our entire lives changed due to the pandemic and we lost thousands of our people due to Kovid-19, we lost many of our people due to high blood pressure. “

“Reducing salt consumption reduces the development of heart, stroke and kidney failure”

Prof. Dr. Virtue, but vary greatly from person to person, the amount of salt consumed daily in Turkey, along with noting that about 15 grams, “about 60 of the salt we consume from the food we eat, 30 percent of the bread, 10 percent is made from salt we add at the table. Consumed It is a well-known fact that reducing salt causes less heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. ” said.

Turkey’s access to health services and treatment in many Western countries more easily and in good condition Emphasizing that the Virtue, said it successfully treated patients.

Stating that even under epidemic conditions, patients can be successfully treated by accessing services in health institutions without disruption, “However, it should not be forgotten that the main goal is to prevent the disease before treating the disease. Therefore, it should be our priority to reduce high salt consumption on an individual and community basis.” he spoke.

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