The problem of bleeding from the mouth or anus, which we refer to as digestive system bleeding in children, occurs as a result of a problem in the digestive system. Blood is mostly seen in the stool or vomit, the degree of bleeding may be small or severe.

When these bleeding, which can cause serious health problems, are noticed, the disease causing the bleeding should be investigated immediately by consulting a doctor. With the imaging methods provided by modern technology, the cause of bleeding can now be found much more easily, and the treatment can be planned quickly.

Bleeding symptoms may not be obvious

Gastrointestinal bleeding may not be noticed, as it can be seen in stool or vomit, as well as concealed. Attention should be paid to the hidden bleeding symptoms, and the symptoms observed in the child should be completely transferred to the doctor. Hidden bleeding symptoms may include difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, and abdominal pain.

Causes of gastrointestinal bleeding

Generally, upper and lower gastrointestinal system bleeding varies according to age groups. Bloody vomiting and dark-to-black bleeding are often seen in upper system bleeding, while fresh blood may also come from the anus in lower system bleeding. Many reasons such as ingestion of maternal blood, stomach ulcers, inflammation in the esophagus, vascular dilation, anal fissure, intestinal knotting, inflammation in the colon and rectum can cause gastrointestinal system bleeding.

Painless and painless imaging is now possible with medical advances. In the treatment of oral and rectal bleeding in children, the history of the patient is first evaluated and a physical examination is performed.

If the problem is caused by drug use, different drug treatment is planned. When necessary, the stomach and intestines are evaluated with endoscopy methods and the bleeding status is examined, and your child will not feel pain or pain since sedative injection is applied during the procedure. Drug therapy, fluid treatments and serum treatments are also important treatment plans in this process.

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