In the Dialysis Center, which serves in the Additional Service Building in the Dadaşkent district of the Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital, with the start of the epidemic, within the scope of the Kovid-19 measures, protection and hygiene measures from contamination were raised to the highest levels for dialysis patients in the risk group in terms of disease.

The hospital administration, coordinated by the Provincial Health Director Gürsel Bedir, who took action in line with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, took a series of measures from the delivery of the patients to the treatment process in the dialysis center and leaving them to their homes.

The fever of the patients who are transported in single seats in the vehicles during the trip are measured at the entrance to the center, then their masks are replaced with new ones and taken into treatment.

Patients are protected from Kovid-19 with the devoted work of healthcare professionals, with measures such as continuous cleaning of devices with disinfectant and not accepting companions with patients.

The hospital’s deputy chief physician and dialysis center manager Dr. Reminding the AA correspondent that it has been a year since the epidemic, Fatih Aras said that those who received dialysis treatment were significantly in the risk group in terms of Kovid-19 transmission.

Explaining that a total of 120 patients were treated in the center, Aras said, “We took serial measures with the onset of the epidemic to protect patients from Kovid-19 and prevent transmission. we renewed. ” said.

Aras stated that they maximize hygiene in the dialysis center in order to protect patients in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, and that they work in accordance with the explanations and warnings of the Scientific Committee in order to minimize the risk of contamination.

“Absolutely, our dialysis center was not infected”

Emphasizing that they protect dialysis patients from Kovid-19 very well thanks to the measures taken, Aras continued as follows:

“Certainly, there was no Kovid-19 transmission in our dialysis center. Some patients were infected with Kovid-19, and they received the transmission from people with whom they lived in the market, outside or at home. We immediately treated the detected patients in the Kovid-19 dialysis units at the Erzurum City Hospital. Because we protect the patients very tightly, too much contamination between patients was prevented from spreading. “

Reminding that patients with dialysis and chronic diseases are in the high risk group in terms of Kovid-19, Aras said, “Body resistance of dialysis patients is much more sensitive to disease and viruses. When these patients are infected with viruses, bad consequences such as death occur. Our patient loss rate is very low, which made us happy. ” said.

Stating that the healthcare professionals continue to fight Kovid-19 with great sacrifice, Aras stated that the health army needs morale and motivation.

Stating that the greatest support to the health army should be given by observing the rules of mask, distance and hygiene, Aras added that the rules should be followed more strictly in order to prevent the spread of a third wave and to support the healthcare professionals.

Patients are satisfied with the services at the center and the measures taken for Kovid-19

Ahmet Şimşek, the father of two children, who have been treated at the center, said that he has been receiving dialysis treatment for 5 years and stated that they are very well protected with the Kovid-19 measures taken at the center.

Stating that the center is constantly disinfected, Şimşek said, “May Allah not harm our state, they take very good care of us from their doctor to their nurse here. Maybe they do not serve us so well in our house. Everyone should obey the rules against Kovid-19.” said.

Patient Adem Now stated that they are very pleased with the service in the dialysis center, “They attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene here, the center is cleaned every hour. Since we are dialysis patients, we need to be very well protected. I have never left home during this period. We are brought to the center by paying attention to the social distance in the service vehicles. . ” used the expressions.

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