Stating that coronavirus chronic and immunocompromised people experience more severe disease, Çelik said, “Kovid-19 infection is seen in the most severe diabetic patients. The coronavirus also raises blood sugar. “The 120 sugar coronavirus goes up to 175” he said.

Increased to 4 times

Stating that the World Health Organization also warned about diabetes, Çelik said, “The number of diabetes patients has increased 4 times in the last 40 years worldwide. It was noted as the only major noncommunicable disease that increased the risk of premature death rather than decreased. In addition, as WHO explains, most of the serious patients hospitalized due to Kovid-19 have diabetes “.

Be twice as careful

Çelik warned that those who have diabetes but have coronary artery disease should be twice as careful and said, “Because this disease causes people to lose their lives due to vascular occlusion. For this reason, especially those who have stents in the cabin and those who have had heart surgery should be careful.

Noting that diabetics should pay attention to the regulation of blood sugar, Çelik said, “In addition to the things that everyone should follow such as mask, distance, hygiene, healthy food, exercise and medications should not be neglected. If there is vascular damage, they should use blood thinners with the doctor’s recommendation, ”he said.

Obese are also heavy

According to the information given by the President of the Turkish Metabolic Surgery Foundation, Alper Çelik, another group that suffers from the coronavirus is obese individuals. Stating that if this group has cardiovascular problems, the mortality rates increase even more, Çelik said: “The response of obese individuals to developing antibodies in the infulaenza vaccine is not very low, but when they have a disease similar to infusion after vaccination, they experience much more severe and death rates are high. Because immune responses are weaker. Even if the antibody is positive, it may not provide complete protection. “

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