Perinatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Cihan Çetin gave information about the detailed ultrasound of four-dimensional imaging.

Explaining that detailed anatomical evaluation of the baby is at the forefront in this control, Perinatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Cihan Çetin said, “We can say that the most important period is 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy. The second important period is between the 18th and 23rd weeks of pregnancy. During this period, detailed anatomical evaluation of the baby is at the forefront. Here, we look at the organ development of the baby. We can make an evaluation such as nuchal thickness in the 11th to 14th week. This is important in terms of diagnosing some genetic diseases. When we do the detailed ultrasound at the 18th-23rd week, the baby’s heart and other organ systems are examined in detail. We can find markers for some genetic diseases during these periods. The controls to be made during this period are important in terms of determining the defects in organ development, ”he said.


Reminding that this procedure, in which the baby is examined in detail, is not necessary, but is important in terms of detecting many diseases in advance, Assoc. Dr. Çetin said, “When we look at the duration, the evaluation period is longer. Because babies may not always be in the position we want in the womb. Therefore, we need to spare time for this. The structures we look at are different. Preferably, Perinatologists should do this. We do this with detailed ultrasound imaging. For example, there may be a serious problem such as the baby’s skull not developing. In such cases, we determine the management plan. Apart from this, there may be problems related to the heart. In these, we determine the criteria such as the timing of the birth, the branches that should be located at the place of birth, equipment, and the conditions under which birth should be done. It is an important transaction in terms of such adjustments ”.


Stating that the interventions to be made in the mother’s womb for the baby are also determined by this ultrasound, Assoc. Dr. Çetin said, “Sometimes interventions may be required for the baby in the womb. We also make the necessary directions in terms of these. By talking to pediatric cardiology, nephrology, neurology and surgery, we determine a common management plan. This is determined individually for each pregnant woman. Families should do so if possible, if they have the means. Because 2 ultrasound periods are very important in pregnancy. In these periods, it is very important to make an evaluation and to make it in quality ”.


Perinatology Specialist Assoc, who also warned expectant mothers who disrupted their examinations due to pandemic. Dr. Cihan Çetin, “Pregnancy period is a period of 40 weeks. During this period, all organ development of the baby is completed. Therefore, it is very important not to disrupt the examinations during sensitive periods. Because some problems can be detected in the womb. It is a process where we make determinations that will affect the rest of the baby’s life. That is why families should not interrupt their examinations, ”he said.

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