Stating that cancer affects people psychologically both in the diagnosis and treatment stages, Psychologist Merve Oğur gave some warnings to the patients in this difficult process. Psychologist Merve Oğur said, “This is a period when people have difficulties both physically and psychologically. In this period, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders are the most common in cancer patients. In addition, there is a serious decrease in their quality of life. People’s self-esteem may decrease. “Patients find it very difficult to maintain their pre-cancer social roles. They cannot fulfill their social functions, especially due to the treatment and the physical pain it may cause. This leads to a loss in their self-esteem.”


Stating that it is difficult for a person to accept cancer, Psychologist Oğur said, “There are processes of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance in cancer. In fact, it is very important here to allow the patient to live these stages. The person should be directed to psychological treatment. The sooner the treatment is started, the more effective it will be. The treatment should be given by a multidisciplinary team. The need for psychological support never decreases. The nature of the disease is very uncertain, the life is very uncertain. “The uncertain nature of the illness shows that there is always a need for psychological support. Psychological support is a part of every stage of the illness.”


Reminding that the relatives of cancer patients have great duties in this process, Oğur listed his warnings as follows:

“They should first accept the disease, provide a continuous social support that is compatible with the needs of the patient. An environment should be created in which the patient can express his anxieties and emotions while saying that it is compatible with his needs. If the patient needs silence, they should be able to provide this quiet environment and remind them that they are with them without giving too much advice. If they adopt a hopeful approach, patients also find strength for that compelling treatment. It becomes a little easier for them to continue the treatment. The person may not be physically able to continue his / her job or attend school during this process. It is very effective for the person to adopt a hobby to hold on to life and reinforce hope. will be. “

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