Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Burcu Kızılarslanoğlu stated that diabetic patients should be more sensitive to coronavirus measures. Pointing out that the rates of death and staying in intensive care are high in diabetic patients who have coronavirus, Kızılarsanoğlu said, ” If a patient with diabetes and especially with uncontrolled blood sugar is caught in coronavirus, that is, if he has such a severe infection, the negative effects of both may occur.

In these patients, the rates of hospitalization and intensive care hospitalization, unfortunately, the death rates due to coronavirus are higher. They have 3 times more proportions than the normal population. Therefore, the presence of diabetes negatively affects the presence of coronavirus, ” he said.


Stating that the body’s resistance to infection is reduced, Dr. Kızılarslanoğlu said, “When the coronavirus holds the lung, it progresses by forming small clots in the vessels when it progresses slowly.

In diabetes, it creates clots in the vessels and causes harmful effects on the body by affecting the vessels. When these two diseases come together, they cause negative damage to the vessels. In diabetes, the body’s resistance to infections decreases. Death rates are rising.

When comparing the death rates in coronavirus disease, it was seen that the death rates in those with diabetes were 3 times higher than those without diabetes. This is a really high rate for us. Again, we can say that the disease is more severe in those with diabetes and the infection heals later. ”

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