Experts warned that dark sunglasses can reduce the field of vision, which can cause traffic accidents. Ophthalmologist at Mardin State Hospital, Op. Dr. Sibel Bingöllü noted that the rays can cause serious damage to the eyes in the summer, and the most important way to prevent this is to use sunglasses.

Also warning not to use dark-colored sunglasses, Op. Dr. Bingöllü said, “The fact that the lens of the sunglasses is too dark or too black does not mean that it has a lot of protection. On the contrary, it may cause accidents by reducing the field of view, especially to the drivers in traffic, by closing their vision while driving. The most important thing is that it protects from UVA (95% of the sun’s rays reaching us) and UVB (Although most of them are absorbed by the ozone layer, some of them reach the earth and make up five percent of the UV rays we are exposed to), the vision around the eyes. It is wide glassed in such a way that it does not close,” he said.


Pointing out that a physician should be consulted when choosing glasses, Op. Dr. Bingollu said:

“While choosing sunglasses, we should definitely buy sunglasses with information from our specialist doctors, with their permission and recommendations. When buying sunglasses, they should definitely have a certificate that they are 100 percent protective from UVA and UVB rays. In addition, they should especially have lights and reflective environment. Polarized glasses should be preferred especially in lakes, watery places and places where the light source is very intense. Polarized glasses, in addition to protecting from UVA and UVB rays, prevent the reflection of light. Preventing this reflection will also relieve the eyes in a very bright environment. We prefer sunglasses because they are cheap, It is necessary not to take it from the street, from the street.”


Optician Ferhat Sarıyıldız, on the other hand, said that while buying sunglasses, it should be checked whether they are licensed. Stating that especially the glasses sold outside are highly likely to be fake, Sarıyıldız said, “The sunglasses sold outside are more prominent because they are cheap. People prefer them more because of their price. However, they are not aware that they are playing with their own health. The sunglasses we have are 150 It is sold between TL and TL 200. While the glasses sold outside as fake glasses do not have any protection, they are sold for 60-70 TL. The glasses we sell have a high level of protection. They are approved by the Ministry of Health. The glasses sold outside have nothing to do with the Ministry of Health. “Even though there are phrases like 420 nanometers, they actually have no protective properties at all,” he said.

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