Psychiatry Specialist Assist.Prof.Dr Alptekin Çetin gave information about cyberchondria, one of the new concepts of our age.

Assist. Assoc. Dr Alptekin Çetin said that cyberchondria is defined as “individuals searching for information and documents on the internet about the disease or diseases they think they have, trying to diagnose themselves after these researches, and then trying to treat themselves”.

Causes anxiety and risks

Noting that these research and efforts cause anxiety in the person, Dr. Lecturer Alptekin Çetin said, “In today’s technology age, where the Internet has entered almost every household, easy access to information, but knowing the quality and reliability of the information obtained causes risks in many issues.” said.

Does not question the accuracy of the information in the digital environment

Noting that the concepts of health and disease are among the most talked and discussed topics in the digital environment today, Dr. Lecturer Alptekin Çetin said, “The shares, comments, different treatment options and the results of these treatment options have become easily accessible on the internet. The quality of this information, which is accessed with this ease, is not questioned and therefore inappropriately increases the anxiety of the person who accesses the information. A person who takes over the internet search engines for heartburn becomes able to diagnose himself with stomach cancer at the end of the day.” he said.

Persons with low health literacy apply

Noting that although cyberchondria is not yet considered as a disease by health authorities and diagnostic criteria systems, there are many different studies on this subject, Assist. At the same time, the health literacy levels of these people were found to be low. People who do not or do not prefer to receive professional help for a disease they think they have, believe that they have different health problems based on non-scientific, only personal experiences on the internet.” he said.

Consult a doctor if you have any complaints

Noting that self-diagnosis can lead to extremely risky situations, Assist.Prof.Dr Alptekin Çetin stated that a doctor should be consulted regarding any complaint and concluded his words as follows:

“Although it is not defined as a disease, the most appropriate method to eliminate cyberchondria is to consult a professional health worker in case of any disease they have experienced, and to discuss different options for treatment with professionals. If necessary, they should consult their doctors about different information or treatment methods about their diseases on the internet.

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