Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother are the most miraculous processes women have ever had. When the breastfeeding process is completed after having a baby, unwanted deformities occur in the breasts. This is especially true for women who have given birth more than once. The resulting shape losses can be resolved with surgical and non-surgical techniques in aesthetic surgery.

The shape of the breasts may be distorted after birth

During pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, women’s breasts enlarge, especially during breastfeeding, the breasts gain more volume as they fill with milk. Once the mother’s breastfeeding process is complete, the breasts shrink again. However, in this process, the breasts may sag by losing volume. Breast lift and breast augmentation aesthetics are used in such aesthetic problems.

Breasts can be restored to their former form

Breast lift and breast augmentation aesthetics can be performed in postpartum breast deformities. With surgical techniques, both the sagging of the breast tissue and the loss of volume in the breasts with breast implants can be eliminated. For this, silicone implants that are closest to the natural breast tissue are used. Drop or round silicone implant type can be used according to the person’s body structure and preference. After the operation, which takes an average of 1.5 hours, the operation is performed by hiding the suture marks on the breasts in the natural folds. The patient can easily continue his daily life after a few days of rest.

Women who have given birth and have completed the breastfeeding period can apply to a specialist plastic surgeon for the treatment of aesthetic problems in their bodies. Today, there are personalized solutions to get rid of these problems with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. You can regain your prenatal physique by choosing the most suitable technique for you.

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