Çakmur said in a written statement he made on the occasion of April 11, World Parkinson’s Disease Day, that Parkinson’s disease can be seen at any age, but it is a progressive brain disease that occurs mostly in older ages.

Stating that it is possible for people who get the disease to have a long-term, quality life with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, Çakmur pointed out that the reservations patients experience due to the Kovid-19 epidemic can disrupt their treatment.

Çakmur underlined that when Parkinson’s disease is suspected or when new problems arise in patients diagnosed, the health institutions should be consulted, “Symptoms and findings related to the disease should not be neglected. The Kovid-19 epidemic should not prevent people with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease from going to the health institution. Early diagnosis and treatment with the disease. It has a very important place in the struggle. ” warned.

Stating that the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are varied and may differ from person to person, Çakmur said:

“Parkinson’s signs and symptoms, shaking in hands, feet, tongue and lips, slowing of movements, spasm of arm or leg, not shaking arms while walking, decreased facial expression, dullness, walking with small steps or shuffling, from time to time uncontrolled acceleration, body posture. shaping, low voice, monotonous speech, shrinking handwriting, illegible, drooling from the mouth, difficulty in swallowing. Although the main symptoms of the disease are symptoms related to movement, smell problem, constipation, depression, sleep problems, fatigue and pain before the movement is affected. It is known that it can start with problems such as. “

Çakmur pointed out that the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is planned specific to each patient and can be changed according to the added problems or findings, “The purpose of these treatments is to correct the disease symptoms and show symptomatic effects. It is not incomplete or more, ‘adequate treatment’ causes the disease to show a better course. Therefore, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are very important for Parkinson’s patients to have a better quality and comfortable life. ” used the expressions.

– Online events will be held

Çakmur stated that they will organize online seminars on April 11-16 in order to inform the public about Parkinson’s disease.

“A different topic will be discussed by experts at each session of the webinar events to be held on 11-16 April. ‘Kovid-19 pandemic and Parkinson’s disease’ on Sunday, April 11 at 12.30, ‘measures to facilitate daily life in Parkinson’s disease’ on Monday, April 12 at 19.00. ‘,’ When do I suspect Parkinson’s disease, how is it diagnosed? ‘On Wednesday, April 14 at 12.30,’ Treatment in Parkinson’s disease: What are the responsibilities of the patient, patient’s relative and doctor? issues will be discussed. “

Çakmur invited Parkinson’s patients, their relatives and anyone interested in the subject to online seminars and stated that detailed information can be found on the website “www.parkinsondernegi.com”

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