Pointing out that such news push people to be anti-vaccine, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin warns; “You will not have high blood pressure or diabetes after the vaccination. There is almost no risk of a heart attack. There may be an allergic reaction, but this is at a tolerable level so that we direct patients with allergies to have their vaccinations not in Family Health Centers but in hospitals as a precaution. Therefore, when you hear a claim about the vaccine, be sure to investigate it. ” says.

After getting the Covid-19 vaccine, some say they had a heart attack, others said the vaccine caused an allergy. Some claim that blood pressure values ​​are impaired, others are Covid-19 positive. Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin says that these news spread especially on social media do not reflect the truth.

Stating that the vaccines mimic the virus, some symptoms similar to the symptoms of the virus may occur when injected into the body, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin said, “Covid-19 vaccines can cause headache, muscle pain, chest pain that we call myalgia. Muscle pain is not necessarily a symptom of illness. This is actually a matter of our body’s response to the vaccine. It is very wrong to associate muscle pain in the chest area with a heart attack after the vaccination. ” he adds.

Stating that the vaccine does not harm heart health, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin said, “One of my patients who came for examination stopped applying to the polyclinic after the vaccination even though he had complaints before the vaccination. I have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease and there will be angiography. But this is, by those around him, “He was vaccinated, he had a heart attack, he had an angiography.” it is perceived, so it is spreading. We struggle with these urban legends every day. ” says.

The vaccine does not cause hypertension or diabetes

Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin “You will not have hypertension or diabetes after the vaccination. There is no such possibility. After vaccination, your blood sugar may fluctuate for a short time, such as a few days, but no one will have diabetes just because they have been vaccinated. ” he emphasizes strongly.

Not a vaccine, Covid-19 can cause infertility

Stating that the rumors that the vaccine causes infertility in men are also unfounded, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin said, “In a study conducted on 81 patients who had Covid-19, it was seen that the testosterone level decreased significantly and this decrease was even more in individuals with severe disease. In another study, it is seen that orchitis, known as testicular gland inflammation, can occur with Covid-19. Infertility problem may arise in those with testicular inflammation. ” he warns.

“In a study conducted in our country, it was found that androgen hormones decreased in individuals who had Covid-19, and this effect was higher in individuals who survived the disease.” said Assoc. Dr. In addition to these studies, Muhammed Keskin says that in studies conducted in addition to these studies, it has been observed that the reproductive organs can be affected after Covid-19 disease, especially in men, and that the hormones that provide reproductive functions decrease in individuals with severe disease. “Not a vaccine, but Covid-19 can cause infertility.” he adds.

There may be reactions to the vaccine

“There may be some reactions to the vaccine.” said Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin said, “An allergic reaction develops on the lips of the person who had botox filling somewhere under the stairs. She is afraid to tell her family that she had lip fillers and says that the allergy developed due to the vaccine she had two days ago. This leads to rumors that the vaccine has made allergies. Of course, some reactions to the vaccine may develop, but these are tolerable. “

Don’t believe every rumor

“The person who does not have the vaccine although he has the right comes to the hospital with the symptoms of Covid-19 but gets vaccinated instead of getting a test. Afterwards, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized. This causes the rumor that Covid-19 happened because of the vaccine. Again, after the vaccination, myalgia, which is a side effect we expect in the patient, is muscle pain in the chest area. He suspects a heart attack and goes to the emergency room and then to cardiology. His tests turn out to be normal, but his neighbor says, “He was vaccinated, he had a heart attack, they took him to the emergency room.” This is how it spreads from ear to ear. We encounter such events every day. Few people know the glimpse of the incident, but its legend is everywhere. Correspondence groups are full of urban legends. Please do not believe everything you hear, investigate it, confirm it. “

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