Months of efforts to avoid getting sick have affected our hair health as well as our psychology. On the other hand, some drugs used in the treatment of high fever and disease seen in people with Covid-19 disease also caused hair loss during this period.

In nutrition after hair transplantation; Foods with high protein, mineral and vitamin content should be preferred. These nutrients have a very important role in the development and growth of the transplanted hair, as they positively affect the quality and structure of the hair and increase the cell renewal and cell number.

Hair loss, nutritional disorders, vitamin deficiencies, severe illnesses, hormonal irregularities and use of some medications can be seen to increase. Most people have non-shedding areas on both sides of the head and neck until old age.

In women, spillage in the form of widespread thinning is more common and regional spillage is rarely seen. Hair loss begins in the thirties and occurs in almost half of the male population over the age of fifty.

Hair loss and baldness are the biggest problems of Turkish men. However, with the newly developed hair transplant methods, it has become possible to have as natural hair as before. Even hair transplantation is done painlessly and painlessly now. This allows faster recovery after hair transplantation.

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