Experts state that it would be correct for expectant mothers to apply for oral and dental health control both for themselves and their children before the birth of children in the understanding of preventive dentistry.

Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay made evaluations on how oral and dental health was affected during the pandemic period and shared his recommendations.

Serious difficulties occurred in the first 6 months of the pandemic

Stating that people postpone oral and dental health problems during the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay said, “People made an effort to solve their urgent problems. However, as a result of the minimization of the activities of oral and dental health clinics and health institutions, especially in the first 6 months of the pandemic, serious difficulties were experienced in solving the problems.

The patients had difficulty in finding a physician to solve problems related to dental abscess, pain and prosthesis. The clinics, which can take precautions by producing rapid solutions against the pandemic and settling the treatment protocols, have encountered a very intense patient demand. The clinics, which can establish the fine balance between the high risk of dentistry in terms of transmission of the virus and the continuity of oral and dental health services, carried out a very serious health service in these difficult days. said.

Preventive dentistry should be given importance

Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay, “The biggest lesson to be learned from the pandemic in terms of oral and dental health is that it emphasized how important the approach and practices of preventive dentistry, which is taken lightly, are.” he said and continued his words as follows:

“The insufficiency of the understanding of dentistry, which focuses on applications such as aesthetic dentistry and implant treatment, has come to the fore in the face of the problems brought by the pandemic. It was understood how strategically important a discipline of preventive dentistry, which should start with a planned pregnancy and be handled in a way that covers a whole life phase, has a strategic importance in terms of public health. For this reason, bringing preventive dentistry to the most prestigious position among other dental practices, especially by the relevant educational institutions and the units of the ministry, and initiating the necessary studies to bring this into life will add a lot to the health of the country.

These times are important for children’s dental health

Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay said, “It is more important to create a protocol that the physician should apply on behalf of preventive dentistry during these controls rather than children and mothers going to check-ups.” he said and concluded his words as follows:

“In the understanding of preventive dentistry, it will be correct for expectant mothers to apply for oral and dental health control both for themselves and their children before the birth of their children. Prenatal 3-month intervals, 6-month controls for the measures to be taken until the period of postpartum tooth decay, and one-year checks for the dental health of children starting from the deciduous dentition period will prevent many dental problems in the future. “

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