Kiss. Dr. Sevgi Abadan Özpolat gave information about the treatment methods by listing the reasons that predispose to the formation of cataracts, especially with the advancement of age. Dr. “Cataract occurs when the natural lens inside the eye loses its transparency and becomes cloudy. For example, glass suddenly becomes like frosted glass. “We had patients who could hardly even see light in deep cataracts,” he said.


Stating that everyone can have cataract surgery, Dr. Özpolat said, “The formation of cataracts cannot be prevented by surgery and early diagnosis. However, when treatment is delayed, problems may occur during surgery. Therefore, intervention at the appropriate time ensures that the surgery goes smoothly. It occurs with the aging of the eye lens. If you have blurred vision, go to the doctor without waiting. Let the doctor diagnose what happened. If the person has cataracts, we explain the treatment method and what to do ”.


Reminding that some babies can be born with cataracts, Dr. Özpolat said, “In such cases, it is necessary to operate immediately. If it is not intervened in time, the visual development of the child will be incomplete. The eye is always lazy, it does not see properly. In young people, it can occur after any accident. Because the lens with cataract is a very delicate organ, ”he said.


Noting that cortisone drugs can cause cataracts, Dr. Özpolat said, “Of course, cataracts can occur in people who use it for a long time and who are sensitive to cortisone, not for the first time. Antibiotics do not cause cataracts, but you have to see the properties of the drugs. Irregular and incorrectly used medications cause cataracts without doctor’s control. The public should be conscious and should not use drugs without asking a doctor. Some rheumatic and metabolic diseases can also cause cataracts. Other than that, if we live longer and don’t die early, we will all have cataracts, ”he said.


Stating that treatment methods have changed with the development of technology, Dr. Sevgi Abadan Özpolat said, “In the past, patients spent 10-15 days in the hospital to undergo cataract surgery. After the surgery, they would wear thick, bottle-like glasses. It was also difficult to see without glasses. Cataract surgeries now take 5-10 minutes. Technology has advanced, we don’t even make an injection, we just drop it. “It doesn’t hurt at all, it just feels what we touch.”


Stating that thick glasses are not used as before, Dr. Özpolat said, “Smart lenses came out, these lenses cover all kinds of defects in the eye. With surgery, we take the distorted lens of the eye, and replace it with the smart lens. The person sees everything clearly without wearing glasses. Cataract does not recur after surgery, ”he said.

Dr. Özpolat said, “We now also use laser methods in treatment, it is a new technology. In the past, we used special cataract blades in surgeries. We do the same cutting process with laser without using a knife. We obtain much more secure, central and desired size cuts. “Smart lenses and laser systems made our work much easier, and they increase comfort a lot.”

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