Prof. Dr. Arslanoğlu said to the AA reporter that the body resistance of diabetic patients is weaker than other citizens who lead their lives normally.

Pointing out that diabetic patients using insulin should pay extra attention to masks, distance and especially cleanliness and hygiene, Arslanoğlu said, “Being caught with the virus is a serious threat to diabetic patients, as is the case with every citizen. When they get the virus, the body resistance must be high. It would be beneficial to benefit from protein, healthy fats and omega 3 foods. ” said.

Arslanoğlu, who wanted diabetes patients to be careful during these months, when the number of cases increased so much, and wanted them to be without hesitation when the vaccine queues came, said:

“Patients with poor diabetes and advanced age can also live severely when caught coronavirus if they have heart and vascular disease. Even if young diabetic patients are not at risk against coronavirus, our patients who have insulin injections should be careful because they will not be able to hit their injections regularly when they get coronavirus.”

Arslanoğlu stated that there is no additional risk for diabetic citizens after the vaccine, “There is no problem for diabetic patients to have a coronavirus vaccine. Just as we recommend the vaccine to our citizens, I recommend that our diabetes patients get the vaccine.” found the assessment.

“It is important to eat healthy during Ramadan”

Prof. Dr. Arslanoğlu said that with the increase in the number of coronavirus cases both in Turkey and in the world, diabetes patients in the high-risk group may have risks of fasting in Ramadan.

Arslanoğlu pointed out that the majority of diabetic patients in Turkey try to fast during Ramadan, “If patients use insulin and drugs that balance body sugar, even if they are fasting, they should break their fast in terms of health when their sugar rises. It is important to eat healthy during Ramadan. deterioration occurs and becomes a problem that needs attention. ” said.

Arslanoğlu, diabetic patients in the month of Ramadan, “Can I fast?” Stating that he asked a lot, he advised that if they do not use pills or insulin, there is no harm in fasting patients, sugar monitoring should be done well and they should not hesitate to spoil it when their sugar rises.

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