The coronavirus epidemic has also increased sleep problems. Brain and Nerve Diseases Specialist Dr. Burak Paköz stated that the insomnia that occurred during the coronavirus period was defined as ‘Coronasomnia’. Stating that the biggest factor in the experience of ‘coronasomnia’ is working at home, Paköz said, “Due to the effect of the coronavirus, the hours of bedtime and departure in the morning have changed. In the past, we were getting up early in the morning, going to work, then having lunch, going home in the evening and eating again. “The person’s biological clock also changed. As daily activities decreased, the body’s biological clock began to deteriorate. This led to the complaints of insomnia. Coronasomnia causes various sleep problems such as having difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently at night, not being able to sleep when waking up.” .


Stating that many people work from home due to the epidemic and this situation triggers the disease, Dr. Burak Paköz said, “When people work at home, if they start to work in the bed they sleep in, a connection starts to form between the bed and working. This causes the person to see the bed as a working area rather than a sleeping place. For this reason, we recommend that people do not work in the bed, just go to the bed for sleep. We recommend that they go to bed as early as possible at night and arrange their bedtime.

We recommend them to take the daylight even on the balcony as much as possible during the day. ”Dr. Burak Paköz, who provided a solution to coronasomnia disease, said,“ Sleep hygiene is the rules that must be followed in order to maintain the daily biological rhythm. These rules include getting up early in the morning, staying active during the day, reducing or quitting caffeine and alcohol intake if possible, and stopping nicotine intake. In order to prevent this disease, too much fatty and heavy foods should not be eaten in the evening. Because heavy and fatty foods cause the person to have reflux problems and wake up during the night. On the other hand, we recommend that the person not drink water before going to bed, as drinking water before sleep will cause urine to come out during sleep and wake up frequently.

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