Making important statements on the subject, Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine Head of Medical Microbiology Prof. Dr. Aynur Eren Topkaya told the following:

“Worrying variants are those that have been proven to be more easily transmitted and cause more severe diseases. The clinical implications are not yet clear, whether they cause severe disease or not, and those that are being followed are also classified as interesting variants. The coronavirus has the ability to develop more mutations than expected. “The British variant, the South African variant, the Brazilian variant, while the Indian variant is currently on the agenda as a worrying variant. It is the UK variant that is still common in Turkey. Although the number of cases has decreased, we can say that the majority of positive cases are the UK variant.”

Stating that the World Health Organization has classified the Delta, that is, the Indian variant, as a worrying variant, Prof. Dr. Aynur Eren Topkaya said, “The India variant, also known as the delta variant, has started to spread. Studies are currently being carried out on this variant. It is known that there is no virus that can completely escape from vaccines yet, but it will continue to be monitored. The disease picture showed personal differences in those who encountered the virus. Regarding the reactions to vaccines. There were also personal differences. Therefore, the change in the genetic structure of the virus in each society, the spread of new variants and the course of the disease should be followed. We can talk according to the data emerging in countries such as India and England. According to the data there, it is said that it spreads more easily and causes more severe diseases. ” he said.

“Our hope is of course in vaccines, as there is no highly effective drug against the virus yet,” said Prof. Dr. Aynur Eren Topkaya warned, “Especially in this period, such variants are not the last; as the virus continues, new variants will emerge. That’s why vaccination is very important. One should not believe the unfounded news about vaccines.”

Highlighting the latest work, Prof. Dr. Aynur Eren Topkaya, “The CDC published a study a few days ago about the Biontech vaccine causing heart inflammation in children. Data started to be collected in countries with a lower vaccination age. However, it should not be forgotten that the virus itself can do this. The virus causes heart muscle inflammation 100 times more. ” he said.

Stating that unfortunately, there are many superstitions about vaccination from almost every part of the society and this situation may negatively affect the vaccination rate, Prof. Dr. Topkaya said:

“There are questions I get frequently. Some people even try to test whether a jeep has been placed on their bodies by holding a metal spoon close to their body. There is no such thing, of course. Another thing is that there are some people who say that they have glands in their armpits and neck after vaccination. Besides, there are those who experience the symptoms of the disease. This is very normal, because the vaccine is intended to stimulate our immune system. These effects are temporary, they do not cause permanent disease. People can take painkillers containing paracetamol and rest. We do not expect long-term side effects of the vaccine. However, on the contrary, if you are not vaccinated, you will unfortunately lose. we will continue.”

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