Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Duran Tok said that the immune system is the body structure that defends the body against foreign microorganisms or disease effects. Stating that one of the important tasks of the immune system is its organized work, Assoc. Dr. Tok noted that there is a certain amount of cytokine increase in people with Covid-19 infection.

Assoc. Dr. Tok said, “As a result of the increase in cytokines caused by Covid-19 infection and this cytokine increase activates many immune elements from T cells to natural killer cells, this attack can not only be against the virus, but also against cancerous cells.”

Citing the article published in the British Journal of Haematology as an example, Assoc. Dr. Tok said, “A 61-year-old male patient is caught in lymph cancer. He goes to the hospital with wheezing, shortness of breath, cough-like picture after a certain period of time, without taking the basic treatments for lymph cancer. It is learned that he has Covid-19 in the examinations. The patient is discharged. Supportive treatments are given. Later, he applies to the hospital about 3-4 months later for lymph cancer control. During this application, a regression in lymph cancer, a decrease in the number and consistency of the button-shaped swellings that we call ‘lymphomatoid’ are detected, “he said. .

Stating that another case is in Spain, Tok said, “A patient with metastases followed by an oncologist is caught in Covid-19. Again, after having Covid-19 infection, his condition is investigated with examinations for lung cancer. The purpose here is the status of lung cancer. But the Spanish oncologist determined that. It detects that the cancerous cell disappeared in the images made in lung cancer, that is, this metastasis disappeared after Covid-19, “he said.

Assoc. Dr. Tok, in fact, noting that cells with cancer cell potential are formed in everybody, “Our immune system can overcome the cells that have foreign and cancer potential in our immune system. The body recognizes the cancerous cell. It already has a reaction against it. But there is no reaction that will completely eliminate all of them. let’s think.

A trigger occurs due to Covid-19. Now, let’s assume that the cells that will do this process in immunity with the effect of cytokines are almost crazy or are activated too much. It attacks more of the target cells it activates. In other words, as a result of cytokine storm, cytokine proliferation, the components of the immune system that eliminate these cancer cells are very activated, attacking not only Covid-19 but also cancer cells, there is a regression and elimination in them.

Assoc. Dr. Tok, stating that such an immune activation is today with Covid-19, “I want to emphasize that the immune activation can actually be not only against Covid-19 infection, but also against cancer cells in our body. Studies conducted have shown that immunity against Covid-19 is against cancer cells. also show that it can be effective, “he said.

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