Turkish Obesity Surgery Foundation President Prof. Dr. Oktay Banlı said that obesity increased during the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Banlı said, “The pandemic period was a difficult period. It was a period when people closed home and movement decreased. There was a serious increase in obesity. Everyone’s weight increased. Obesity was already a serious problem. Pandemic also increased this serious problem. He reached weight, “he said.


Reminding that obesity surgeries also stopped during the first 3-4 months during the pandemic period, Banlı said, “After June, we started obesity surgeries again in a controlled manner. And since then we continue to do it successfully by taking all the precautions. subject was also with us. However, bariatric surgery was performed over 20 thousand during this period despite our country. again in 2019 were among this number of 20 to 25 thousand. However, compared to the old figures that you had made a large number of bariatric surgery in Turkey. Pandemic could not stop it. Because obesity Turkey also has increased a lot in the whole world. Naturally, the number of surgeries is increasing in parallel with it, “he said.


Banned from abroad to have surgery to Turkey stating that they observed that many people came, he said:

“In the past, we only operated on Turkish citizens. Later, we started to operate on Turkish citizens who are relatives of these Turkish citizens, working in Europe and working abroad. And recently we have operated on an increasing number of foreign patients. From Balkan countries and especially Europe. These surgeries can be performed safely and successfully all over our country, and now we have British, Italian, German and Dutch patients. And I think this number will increase gradually. Very serious health investments, infrastructure and equipment in our country. We have very good hospitals and physicians who are very experienced in follow-up. Therefore, patients around the world are convinced that our country is good by investigating the situation for them and come here to have obesity surgeries. “

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