Assoc. Dr. Barış Yeniad said, “It was determined that male patients with severe coronavirus suffered vision loss due to occlusion of the eye vessels. “This virus is a disease that adversely affects the whole body system, especially the nervous and heart system.”

Stating that the coronavirus also affects eye health negatively, Yeniad said, “There are determinations that Kovid-19 caused vascular occlusion in the eye recently. In research conducted in the United States and Turkey, coronavirus was determined to cause eye vein occlusion. Important publications have also been made that in young male patients who have survived coronavirus, the thrombosis (clot mass) from the heart causes blindness by occluding the vessels in the retinal layer. As it is known, there are drugs used to dilute the blood in routine Kovid-19 treatment. These drugs are given to prevent possible blockages, ”he said.


Stating that the majority of deaths due to coronavirus are caused by blockages that may occur in the vessels, Assoc. Dr. Barış Yeniad said, “Sudden vision loss occurs due to the occlusion of the vein in the back layer of the eye, which we call the retina. Vision loss is a sudden, painless condition. Generally, there is vision loss in one eye. There is a vessel that feeds the retinal layer. When this vessel is clogged, the retina stays without oxygen and sudden vision loss occurs. Minutes are of great importance in congestion. If it is late to go to the doctor, the treatment is of no benefit. Generally, vision loss is permanent. Our eye health never goes back to old ”he said.


Indicating that the possibility of vascular occlusion in young people under normal conditions is very low, Yeniad said, “In order for occlusion in the eye vessels, there must be heart disease, hypertension and diabetes disease developing at advanced ages. Contrary to what is expected, people who have occluded eye vessels due to coronavirus are young patients. Under normal conditions, we do not encounter eye vessel occlusion in young patients. For him, it is possible to connect eye vascular occlusion to coronavirus in young patients. Because at the age of 30 and 40, vascular occlusion in the retina is not a common situation, ”he said.


Noting that the possibility of seeing decreases in case of occlusion of the eye vessel, Assoc. Dr. Barış Yeniad said, “The eye becomes unable to see or read letters. However, he can see a distance of one or two meters. Vascular occlusion that develops in the retinal region is a sudden condition. If Covid-19 damage in the body can be prevented, the other eye can be saved. If a patient with coronavirus symptoms has vision problems, you should definitely go to eye clinics without wasting time. Different negative effects may also develop, regardless of being considered only as vision loss. “None of the patients identified had any eye problems before”.

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