Since the air temperature rises a lot in summer, our body sweats a lot and of course we lose water by sweating, of course, we lose not only water but also some minerals from our body. To put these water and minerals back in our body, we must drink something liquid.

Today, water consumption is very low, especially among those who have weight problems. Since the digestive system of people with this problem does not work properly, they try to eliminate the sugar they cannot digest in food, either as a dessert or by consuming a flavored beverage. In fact, drinking water is much more important than any other beverage. Because our body needs water.

Black plum compote is the most beneficial

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül talked about the consumption of compote as follows: “If you cannot drink water or if you are looking for an alternative other than water, let us offer you compote. Compared to all other alternative drinks, it can be prepared by yourself, is natural, and most importantly, because it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, it has been used for centuries. It’s time to remember compote again. Prune is one of the foods that best clean the harmful substances that enter the body and which we call free radicals that we produce ourselves.

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