Emphasizing that it is necessary to be very careful when choosing a victim, Prof. Dr. Ulutin said, “Do not buy sacrificial meat from a place you do not know, it is harmful for health. If there is tuberculosis, brucella or parasites in meat that has not been checked by a veterinarian, it can be transmitted to humans. Let’s not spoil our holiday, take care to make good choices,” he said.


Suggesting that the meat should be cut according to the procedure, Prof. Dr. Ulutin said, “When animals are afraid or in pain, the hormones they secrete can cause bitterness and loss of flavor in meat. That’s why cutting is so important. After the sacrifice is cut, cut the meat into portions and sterilize it, that is, keep it in a clean bag or storage container. Be careful not to make the portioning according to the number of families living in the house. Because taking the meat out of the freezer and refreezing the excess meat causes food poisoning. It is good to be cautious,” he said.

Consume vegetables with fatty meat

Stating that he does not recommend consuming the slaughtered sacrificial meat on the first day in terms of digestion, Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Ulutin said, “I recommend eating the rested meat a day later. Even if you have to eat it, it is beneficial to consume vegetables with it without going overboard. Meat contains fats such as cholesterol that can harm the heart and vascular system. As a result of excessive consumption, the disease of those with heart disease increases. In people who do not know about the disease, it goes up to sudden heart attack and stroke. There may be some problems in the digestive system. As a result of excessive consumption, straining the liver, triggering disorders in the release of enzymes in organs such as the gallbladder and pancreas, it is inevitable that the disorders we call bloating, abdominal pain, and stomach spasm will occur.


Noting that red meat consumption increases the risk of colon cancer, Prof. Dr. Ulutin said, “It is very important not to consume excessively fatty meats, or if consumed, I recommend you to eat fibrous foods such as fruits, vegetables and salads. Cancer-causing substances are expelled from the intestine by clinging to the fibers called pectin. Thus, the risk of cancer decreases,” he said.

prof. Dr. Ulutin said, “Although the offal is a very harmful fat store called triglyceride, it is also a source of many vitamins and minerals such as iron and B vitamins. If they are provided in accordance with health, there is no harm in feeding them to children,” he said.


Sherbet desserts are indispensable for the holidays. Limiting the consumption of sweets to 1 serving per week is especially recommended for people at risk of diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. I recommend consuming desserts made with milk or without added sugar.

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