Instructor See. Merve İşeri said, “The liver, kidneys and intestines are constantly working for the body to remove these toxins. If a healthy liver does its job, toxins can be excreted through sweating or urine, but when these organs cannot do their job adequately, toxins begin to accumulate in the body. Experts draw attention to the importance of a balanced diet and exercise in order to get rid of toxins at the highest possible level. Emphasizing the importance of controlled nutrition in removing toxins from the body, he said, “Especially the Mediterranean diet is a globally accepted balanced diet and provides all the necessary nutrients for the internal organs to perform their functions.”


Explaining that today a wide variety of diets are applied under the name of detox program, these include fasting, consumption of certain vegetable and fruit juices, herbal drinks, laxative teas and raw nutrition. See. Merve İşeri continued her words as follows:

“However, the medical world has not yet reached scientific data that the body is purified from toxins by consuming fruit juice,” he said. Pointing out that starvation as a result of such nutrition programs will reduce the basal metabolic rate and stress the body, İşeri said: “Because the individual does not take enough calories during this program, he loses weight by losing fluid first; but after that, when he switches to a normal diet, he can gain weight quickly. Particularly in diets with beverages, which are offered under the name of detox, a high percentage of liquid-based beverages are consumed, and fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals are insufficient. Intestinal motility slows down, electrolyte balance in the body and intestinal flora are disturbed. Especially the long-term application of such diets puts the body under great stress and the functions of the internal organs are weakened since the nutrients the body needs are not taken during the diet.


Stating that some people can express that they feel better in the first days while doing detox diets, Merve İşeri says, “Individuals may feel better in this process as they stay away from processed foods, saturated fats and refined sugar. In fact, cutting out only such foods is extremely beneficial for both feeling good and bodily health. Toxins are harmful substances that poison the body and it is absolutely undesirable to store these substances in the body. That’s why we must take good care of our precious liver, kidneys and intestines and ensure that they function. The way to do this is through a balanced and regular diet and light exercises.”

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