Making important warnings about the urticaria disease known as hives among the people, Assoc. Dr. Filiz Topaloğlu Demir stated that the disease is an inflammatory disease that occurs temporarily on the skin and progresses with itchy rashes and blisters.


“Redness and swelling usually disappear within 24 hours without a trace, but similar findings continue to appear in different parts of the body,” Assoc. Dr. Filiz Topaloğlu Demir, “Angioedema, on the other hand, is swelling in the eyelids, lips, palms or soles, which usually lasts longer than 24 hours. Since symptoms may also occur in the mouth and esophagus, it can cause complaints such as shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing. It can be seen with urticaria as it can be found on his head ”.


Noting that the examination findings are generally sufficient to make a diagnosis, Assoc. Dr. Topaloğlu Demir continued as follows:

“It is rarely necessary to take additional blood tests and skin biopsy to distinguish it from other diseases in the differential diagnosis. Urticaria is not a contagious disease, but it is an important disease that causes a significant decrease in the quality of life, school or work performance of the affected person. The form that disappears in less than six weeks is called acute urticaria, the form that lasts for six weeks or longer is called chronic urticaria.Chronic urticaria is also called chronic spontaneous urticaria and physical factors such as cold, heat, exercise, pressure. It is divided into two main groups as chronic inducible urticaria including triggered physical urticaria.


Assoc. Dr. Topaloğlu Demir listed the types of chronic inducible urticaria as follows:

“Physical urticaria also has various subtypes such as symptomatic dermographism, cold and hot urticaria, solar urticaria, delayed pressure urticaria. Dermographism, on the other hand, is a linear rash and swelling seen after scratching, which is appropriate for the itching area. Solar urticaria is triggered by the sun. Delayed pressure urticaria occurs in areas under prolonged pressure such as the areas where clothing tires are tightened, hands and soles of the feet. Cholinergic urticaria causes sweating in situations such as exercise, hot bath, emotional stress. It is a type of chronic inducible urticaria that appears as millimetric rashes that appear within minutes.Aquagenic urticaria is also chronic inducible, triggered by contact with water.Contact urticaria is a chronic inducible occurrence after contact with the skin of certain substances such as food, food additives, latex, cat and dog saliva urticaria ti piir These forms of urticaria can be found alone or more than one form of urticaria can be seen together in the same patient. “


Although a cause can often be found in acute urticaria, Assoc. Dr. Topaloğlu Demir made the following assessment:

“The most common causes of acute urticaria include infections (especially acute upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, flu), drugs (painkillers, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, all kinds of drugs) and foods. Also some blood pressure medications (ACE inhibitors) It may cause angioedema.In the scope of treatment, antihistamines given under the supervision of a physician can control symptoms such as itching, redness and swelling in many patients. In case of life-threatening findings such as tongue and throat swelling, the nearest health institution should be consulted. “

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