Expressing that there are different ways to pay attention to eye health, Op. Dr. Sevgi Abadan Özpolat said, “As with other parts of our body, some virus attacks can occur on our eyes. The most common of these viruses is herpes virus. People think that the herpes virus will only come out on the lips. However, these viruses can occur in many places. Herpes virus can occur in any area of ​​our eyes. Depending on this situation, treatments and results change. “When the herpes virus is seen on our eyelids, it passes without damage,” he said.

Emphasizing that the damage of the herpes virus progresses towards the inner parts of the eye, Op.Dr. Sevgi Abadan Özpolat said, “When the virus holds the membranes in the upper layer of our eyes, a situation we call red eye occurs. The ailment we call red eye can be treated with medication. The situation can change when the herpes reach the cornea.

If the virus is caught early and is treated correctly, it can be cleared from where it settles without causing damage. If the patient does not go to the doctor on time and the correct treatment is not applied, even if the patient heals, vision problems begin. Image quality deteriorates. Herpes virus is a recurrent virus. “The layer formed in the front of the eye decreases the degree of vision due to the stains remaining in the eye due to each repeated herpes.”

Referring to the problems that may be experienced due to the inflammation caused by the herpes virus in the inner part of the eye, Abadan Özpolat said, “If the virus settles in the retina, the vision is seriously impaired. It is not a virus that easily infects the herpes retinal layer. This virus is seen in people with weak immune systems. Cancer patients are seen in people with chronic diseases and weak body immune systems. “When the virus enters the retinal layer, people lose their sight,” he said.

Noting that herpes virus is contagious, Op. Dr. Sevgi Abadan Özpolat said, “Even though the virus is one of the hardly transmitted viruses, it is necessary not to use common towels as it can be transmitted by contact. He should not constantly touch the eyes with his hands. Herpes virus can occur in anyone and can be transmitted at any time. However, when the body resistance decreases, people become sick. “When the body system becomes too weak to fight viruses, the virus becomes a disease.”

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