– What is an obsessive compulsive disease?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the disease in which excessive anxiety, anxiety and obsessions are seen and the person takes various actions to eliminate the distress caused by them. If obsessions are more related to contamination and cleaning, this is called cleaning disease in the society.

These people define themselves as very meticulous and clean people. A thought comes to the mind of the person that they, their clothes, or anything around them is dirty, dirty, or contaminated. Excessive cleansing effort begins to pass this thought. Thus, he tries to alleviate his trouble with pollution.

-What is the incidence in the society? How many people are seen?

Obsessive disease is seen in 2-3 out of every 100 people in our society. However, half of them experience the cleansing obsession more intensely. It is three times more common in women than in men. It usually starts in the twenties.

What are the symptoms of cleaning disease? What kind of obsessions are seen?

Person in cleaning disease; he thinks that he, his clothes, or everything in the house and house are dirty, dusted or contaminated. As a result, the following behaviors are observed:

Washing hands constantly. This is why the person’s hands peel off or have eczema.

Bathing in the bathroom for over an hour.

Long stay in the toilet.

Using excessive soap and disinfectant.

Throwing the clothes he wears outside into the washing machine as soon as he enters the house.

Washing everything he bought from the grocery store over and over again.

Cleaning the house from beginning to end every day.

Washing clothes more than once.

High water bills

-How does this disease affect those around? Is this also one of the reasons for divorce?

At the beginning of the cleaning disease, the person is perceived as being extremely clean, and then he starts to tire and upset those around him. Many of them do not accept guests because their house will get dirty. When his spouse or child comes from outside, he may even ask them to undress in front of the door and to immediately go to the shower by throwing their belongings into the washing machine. He does not allow the rooms of the house to be used because the house will be dirty. The house smells of bleach all the time. He is unable to spare time for his family because of cleaning up. He gradually becomes less tolerant, he may be angry with his children and even inflict violence on them. He is constantly arguing with his wife or people he lives with. Sometimes, forcing his wife to over clean and excessive arguments can cause problems in her marriage or even divorce. Despite this, he cannot give up his obsession with cleaning. A disease that affects the lives of so many people must be treated.

How is the treatment provided?

Even if your relatives are constantly obsessed with cleaning, give it a little bit of care, it will not help. He must apply to psychiatry for treatment. Psychiatric treatment is a bit long and time consuming. Various psychotherapy methods are used in treatment with antidepressant drugs. The treatment method, which is said to be a treatment in the environment, should only be done by a professional person (Psychiatrist / Psychologist). Otherwise, sometimes the cleaning disease may increase more and more.

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