Dr. Lecturer Its member, Abdullah Şumnu, reported that people with chronic diseases are in the risk group for kidney health.

Pointing out that there are no symptoms in the body until 50 percent of kidney functions are lost, Şumnu said, “It is important for the early diagnosis and treatment of the disease to undergo nephrology polyclinic control at least once a year, especially for people with risk factors for kidney disease development.” gave the information.

Stating that the foundations of kidney health were laid in childhood, Şumnu said, “In our country, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease was determined as 15.7 percent. In other words, one out of 6-7 adults is chronic kidney disease. In order to be protected from kidney failure in the future, it is necessary to pay attention to kidney health starting from childhood and take appropriate precautions.” used the expressions.

“Avoid high protein diet”

Pointing out the importance of a healthy diet in preventing kidney diseases, Şumnu said:

“Unhealthy diet, inactivity and obesity are among the leading causes of the disease. In recent years, increasing obesity causes diabetes and blood pressure diseases, which are the most common causes of kidney failure. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet should be done, regular sports should be done and sufficient amount of water should be consumed in order not to gain weight. Another big mistake made in recent years is high protein diets, which are based on zero carbohydrate and abundant protein consumption to lose weight, negatively affecting kidney health.

Stating that the task of the kidneys is to cleanse the body from toxins, Shumen said, “Help your kidneys by consuming at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Our country is one of the countries that consume the most salt. Consumption of excess salt exhausts the kidneys and puts our kidney health at risk by preparing the ground for high blood pressure disease.” found the assessment.

Stating that frequent and unconscious use of painkillers also paves the way for kidney diseases, Şumnu said, “Frequent, excessive and unconscious use of painkillers, especially those without paracetamol content, may cause kidney failure. Painkillers are the most important causes of drug-related kidney damage. Do not use uncontrolled painkillers.” made the explanation.

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