Distance education has started in schools, and it is planned to gradually switch to face-to-face education, especially in primary schools, starting from March 1. This 15-day time left to get the kids back to school is a great opportunity to complete their health checks. Because when children who have been studying online for months, they will face an intense program to complete their deficiencies when they switch to face-to-face education, and it is very important that they do not fall ill so that they do not miss their lessons. At this point, dental diseases are among the health problems that deeply affect children’s lives.

Noting that dental problems in children increased during the pandemic period, Dentist Arzu Yalnız Zogun stated that in this period, all habits and disciplines of children as well as adults changed. “When the schools were open, they woke up in the morning, brushed their teeth and went to school, but now the children’s teeth brushing habits are also interrupted. Therefore, dental caries started to increase in children, ”Zogun said, adding that dental care is vital in children and added:“ Because children’s nutrition is very important. Everything passes through the mouth, so chewing and oral hygiene are very important. Therefore, a bruise in the mouth must be treated as it will both prevent the child from eating and it will be effective in bacteria formation. “

Affects joint development

We all know that the mouth and nose are critical to protect against corona virus. Expressing that we are aware of the importance of oral health and hygiene, Arzu Yalnız Zogun said, “This is much more important for children. Because in the growth and development period, decayed teeth are a big problem. “If there is a bruise in the mouth, the child will start eating on the non-rotten side, and the jaw and joint development will be shaped accordingly.”

Zogun stated that they divided the children into three groups as those who have completely deciduous teeth, those in the mixed dentition period, and those who come out without mixed dentition and pass from childhood to adulthood over the age of 12, and added:

“Decay in a deciduous tooth does not progress slowly when a drop begins, as in adults. In an adult, if the caries deepens in 3 years, it deepens in 6 months in children and damages the tooth that will come out. For this reason, children should be checked more frequently than adults. Even if children do not have caries in this period, they should be checked by a physician and preventive measures should be taken. Preventive dentistry applications should be performed with applications such as laser fluoride applications performed in the clinic, indentation on the upper surface of the teeth, which we call fissure sealant, rehabilitation and treatment of protrusions and preventing caries formation, and increasing the quality of oral hygiene.

Lowers immunity

Emphasizing that when face-to-face education starts at schools, children cannot have time for health checks due to accumulated lessons and social reasons, Arzu Yalnız Zogun said that for the remaining 15 days, oral and dental checks must be done.

Stating that oral caries or gum-related infections are effective in the development of children and the infection also lowers the immune system, Zogun emphasized that the decrease in immunity can also be understood orally, and that a physician’s control is required to intervene.

“About a year has passed when we say quarantine, pandemic. Children who have not seen physician control for a year should definitely be taken to the dentist’s control. Because it is important for skeletal development. Unilateral chewing in the mouth, decay, and the reflection of the decay on the underlying tooth can cause much more complicated problems. ”Zogun said that if the child needs orthodontic treatment, it can be detected, and even if it is detected on time, necessary precautions can be taken without the need for braces in some children.

Pointing out that children also have aesthetic concerns like adults, Zogun reminded that visuality is very important in childhood, “If caries occur in the front teeth, they must be treated. Because everybody had a difficult process psychologically during the pandemic period. Aesthetic concerns should not be included in this. Therefore, if there is such a caries problem, it should be treated ”.

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