While the use of computers, tablets and mobile phones has increased in children staying at home within the scope of coronavirus measures, experts said that this situation also brings some health problems. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Fatih Çeşme said that the habits of children such as tablets, computers and mobile phones increased and they passed out while using them. Çeşme said, “With the spread of distance education and curfews in the epidemic environment, more time is spent at home.

This is the case for children and adults. Unfortunately, families do not take care of their children enough, as if they spend more time on housework for different reasons. Children who are exposed to tablets and computers intensively due to the lessons, spending excessive time with games outside of this can cause problems such as neck and back spine to become widespread. In order to prevent these, families should play games with their children in the garden, if possible, or play more active games in the house. They should focus on more social activities. Children will of course use the tablet and computer during the lesson, “he said.

‘Leads to Neck and Muscle Shortening

Dr. Çeşme warned families to be careful and said, “It would be good for children to avoid spending time with a computer tablet, especially when they are shrunken, with their necks bent over their heads, knees on their stomach, crouching. Especially in children who stay in this position and posture, shortening of the chest muscles and neck muscles can cause posture disorders in children in the long term. In order to prevent these, children should be directed to more sports activities, “he said.


Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist İrem Akman said that with the transition to distance education in schools due to the pandemic, children were confined to their homes. Akman said, “With the transition of schools to the online system with the pandemic process, the social lives of children are almost zero. Most of the time is spent in front of the computer, on the phone or on the television, and this actually brings with it the lack of communication. “They can play a story game to develop their power. They can create a story by using their imagination as a family, then distribute the roles in the story to family members and act out. Games also support children’s self-expression skills.”

Stating that it is important for children to do physical activities at home, especially during class breaks, Akman said, “In the simplest way, they can run, jump or walk. In the house, they will focus more on their lessons. In addition, they can do breathing exercises and relaxation exercises in order to relax. Together with the parents, they can do this, “he said.

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