In the private clinic in Başkent, 2 years ago, within the scope of ’21 March World Down Syndrome Day’, the ‘We Will Succeed Together’ project was initiated to ensure weight control of children with down syndrome. Within the scope of the project, more than 40 children with Down syndrome were treated for free and gained regular and healthy eating habits while losing excess weight.


Atakan Arlı with down syndrome, who could not walk due to his excess weight, lost 40 kilos in 1 year with the project. Arlı, who dropped from 107 kilos to 67 kilos with acupuncture treatment, started walking without support. Mother Gülden Arlı, stating that her son had a heart surgery, became unable to move and continued his life due to a wheelchair, said, “We were in the hospital every week with my son. He was constantly getting sick. He was unable to walk. He went up to 107 kilos. He was living with a wheelchair. We were constantly receiving serum. We were constantly receiving serum. One year. “We first came to know about the project. We came to the clinic every week. We lost 40 kilos with the treatment. Atakan started to walk.”


Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu stated that children with Down syndrome eat constantly in order to be happy, uncontrolled eating develops in children after a while and they cannot prevent their impulses, therefore obesity develops. Noting that 85 percent of children with Down syndrome are born with heart disease, these diseases are triggered due to weight gain and they continue their lives due to drugs, “We started this project to support these children to lose weight. We did it with acupuncture. We both increased their normal metabolic rate by doing body acupuncture, so they started burning energy even though they were sitting at home more, their metabolism accelerated and they started to burn fat, and we also tried to control the urge to eat uncontrollably with ear acupuncture. “We applied acupuncture,” he said.


Buyrukçu noted that participation in the project is completely free and that 40 children have recovered so far and that 27 of them continue to be treated. Doctor Buyrukçu stated that the youngest of the children participating in the project is 3.5 years old and said, “The family should fully adapt to the project. Sometimes families cannot give their children what they want in the nutrition system. If we cannot achieve the harmony we want, we exclude our successful children. “They are an example for children with syndrome. Our main goal here is to establish a healthy eating system. Children will no longer eat too much bread. After learning that they cannot get what they want, we leave the refrigerator every time they want, and we do their tests.


Buyrukçu emphasized that the main purpose of the project is to be an example for the whole society and said, “We have set up a healthy nutrition system for children in this environment. Within the scope of this project, children were also very successful at school. Someone won the university. The failure in communication with parents and siblings completely recovered. They started to learn words. We applied a special treatment to prevent them from gaining weight again after they reached their ideal weight, “he said.

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