Expert Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu made important suggestions on the occasion of Father’s Day

Mothers are not just role models for girls or fathers only for boys. Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu, emphasizing that she observes and learns how a father will be, how a mother will be, and how people will behave towards each other in the family, the social environment where children first meet, said: It is important that the house is included in the responsibilities of the house,” he said.

It’s important for dad to take more responsibilities at home

Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu reminded that the perception of fathers as a person who covers the expenses of the house while mothers take care of their children is a thing of the past. Fathers are now a good friend to children, a spouse who makes the mother’s life easier, a partner in household chores, and a person who provides discipline and balance. It is important for the father to be open to communication, be interested and take more responsibility at home in order to support the emotional development of the child and to have healthier family relationships.

A reassuring father’s attitude is very important for the development of the child’s sense of trust.

Emphasizing that the father’s relationship with his children also supports the child’s self-respect, Ezgi Dokuzlu said, “A supportive and reassuring father’s attitude is very important for the healthy completion of the child’s development and the development of a sense of trust. For both girls and boys, father deprivation can cause problems in the child’s development. Children whose fathers are far away or who cannot feel close to their fathers despite being with them try to fill this gap with other things. It is very important to be able to establish closeness and that relationship with the child, beyond the biological bond,” he said.

10 tips to make dads happy on Father’s Day

Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu reminded that the support of the consumption frenzy of special days and the increase in the popularity of gifts or organizations can disrupt the naturalness of special days and made 10 suggestions to make fathers happy on Father’s Day:

-You can have a nice and peaceful Father’s Day breakfast with your father.
– If he continues the quarantine process at home, you can gift tools such as tablets and computers, if any, that will enable him to socialize even from a distance.
-You can take your dad to a place he wants to explore or misses.
You can have a good time looking at your old photos together.
-You can gift your father the kind of books he likes to read.
– You can organize a surprise meeting with a loved one who has not seen for a long time.
-You can gift a stylish and comfortable shirt in the style he likes or a comfortable tracksuit if he is spending time at home
– If your father likes to have a planned life, you can have him prepare a special agenda.
-You can organize a Father’s Day celebration with a crowded video call with your relatives.
– Above all and above all gifts, express your love for your father to him in the most natural and warmest way. There is no better gift than love.

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