When the air cools, vasoconstriction develops in the arteries of the body and blood flow accelerates to keep the body warm. For this reason, blood pressure is generally higher in cold months than in hot months.

In addition, an increase in cholesterol level is observed in winter. These factors can increase the risk of heart attack. A decrease in body temperature means a decrease in body temperature below 35 degrees. In this case, the body itself is formed because it cannot keep the core temperature by producing enough energy and it poses a danger in terms of heart attack.

Especially children and people over the age of 65 are at risk in this respect. Because the people mentioned may have reduced ability to share themselves or to move. Older people may have less sense of subcutaneous fat tissue or feeling cold, and therefore they may not feel the ‘cold danger’.

Assoc. Dr. Süha Çetin, “Except that the weather is cold in winter, it can cause a decrease in body temperature in wind and rain. Especially the wind plays an important role because it can quickly destroy the warmed air that surrounds our body. or a heart attack may occur, “he said.

First of all, it is necessary to maintain the normal temperature of the body. By paying attention to warm clothes, an insulation against cold can be created by keeping warmth under thick clothes. It is important to wear a hat and wear gloves, wool socks and warm boots, especially as heat can be seriously lost from hands, feet and head.

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