The use of sunscreen has increased with the warming of the weather. However, experts warn that the use of these products should not be limited to the summer months only. Stating that protection against the sun, especially in childhood, will protect the person from skin cancer that may be seen in the coming years, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Instructor Member A. Nilhan Atsü said, “It is important to protect the skin from the sun systematically from childhood. There was no such awareness in previous years. Now, my advice to young parents is to protect their children from an early age. In fact, the years when the sun is most intense throughout life are childhood and young adulthood. Therefore, parents should protect their children from the sun from an early age.


Pointing out that sunscreens should be used in all four seasons, Atsü said, “Because the sun is the first-degree risk factor for skin cancers and skin aging. However, these damages are a factor that can be controlled. For this reason, it is beneficial to apply it in 4 seasons, although its importance increases much more in sunny times in summer. Many adverse events can be encountered, such as irritation, allergies, stain formation and permanent skin disorders, with products whose content is not suitable for the skin type and which has not undergone allergy tests. Therefore, we recommend that these products be obtained primarily through dermatological consultation.


Explaining that pharmacy-based products called dermocosmetics should be preferred first, Atsü said, “I recommend that the product be obtained from a pharmacy. Due to the pandemic conditions, virtual shopping has become widespread, but I think it would be healthier to buy these products, which we will apply directly to our skin, from the pharmacy after dermatological consultation, rather than buying them online.”


Stating that these products should be applied half an hour before sun exposure, Atsu finally warned:

“The seasons when the sun is intense and beach holidays are even more important. For the face, it should be applied in the amount of 1/3 (one third) teaspoon. During beach holidays, apply these products in a way that creates a protective thin layer instead of rubbing them into the skin. At the latest 3-4 “Let it be renewed every hour. Do not think that the product will protect all day after you apply it in the morning. Besides, the products should be used with the same importance during the snow holidays.”

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