Causes Sore Throat During Pregnancy?

The period of pregnancy actually covers the process of changing hormones for a woman. This hormone replacement can have many effects. Pregnant women may be sensitive during these periods due to the changes in body and psychology. The secretion of pregnancy-induced maternal hormone into the body for 9 months can make women nervous and angry. What is meant by the sensitive period is that the emotions are experienced more prominently and actively during this period.

Sore throat refers to an indicator of infection in a normal person. This situation, which can also be experienced in pregnant women, is a cause of infection. Pregnant women can reach a state of weakness more than usual. In other words, their immune system can be weakened because they are pregnant and the baby is fed from the mother’s blood. This can result in more exposure to diseases. Sore throat is one of these ailments.

A pregnant woman may experience a sore throat as a result of contact with a person with another infection. So it can get an infection. Buds that the sick person releases air as a result of coughing and sneezing can make a healthy person sick through the respiratory tract.

As a result of using someone else’s personal needs such as forks, spoons and glasses, a healthy individual may become sick. Indication of infection occurs with a sore throat.

Sore throat is a host of viral and bacterial infections. The symptom of this infection is a sore throat. Pregnant women can also cause a sore throat if they do not pay attention. For this reason, it is important to distance yourself from other individuals who became ill, especially while pregnant. This distance is about not breathing the same air, staying away, not using the same items.

What Is Good For Sore Throat During Pregnancy?

As is known, pregnant women undergo medical control about using chemical drugs. Doctors generally do not recommend the use of medication to pregnant women if there is no difficult process.

Sore throat is one of these conditions. Since they cannot use medication, pregnant women can get rid of this pain with natural methods. Pregnant women can easily prepare mixtures that can cure a sore throat at home. These mixtures consist of natural nutrients.

The methods that pregnant women can apply to relieve sore throat are as follows:

  • You can gargle with warm salt water.
  • Cold drinks can increase sore throat, so cold drinks can be avoided. Instead, warm herbal teas can be consumed without caffeine. Warm herbal caffeine-free teas can soothe the throat.
  • You can rest a lot during the day.
  • Lemon can be consumed during this time. It can be drunk by squeezing lemon into lukewarm water.
  • Vinegar is good for many diseases. For sore throat, you can gargle with vinegar water. However, the important point for pregnant women is that vinegar should not be drunk and can only be used for mouthwash.
  • Honey and lemon tea can be made and consumed warm, provided that you drink it slowly.
  • One chamomile can be added to a glass of water. It is infused by boiling for 5 or 10 minutes. It can be consumed warm.
  • Another option for a mouthwash is a mixture of turmeric and salt water. This mixture can also be used for mouthwash.
  • If there is nothing at home, it can be drunk by adding two tablespoons of honey to a glass of warm hot water.
  • It is known by every individual that garlic has a killing effect on various diseases. Pregnant women can consume garlic for a sore throat one tooth a day.

Symptoms of Sore Throat During Pregnancy

There are some symptoms of sore throat during pregnancy. These symptoms are as follows:

  • There may be fever, weakness, and a stinging sensation in the throat.
  • Severe pain may occur in the throat.
  • There may be difficulty in swallowing.
  • Headaches may occur.
  • There may be red and swollen tonsils.
  • White spots may occur in the throat or tonsils.
  • Significant energy deficiency may occur.
  • Cough may be nausea and abdominal pain.
  • Loss of appetite, difficulty breathing and fever may occur.
  • An enlargement of lymph nodes may be observed along with swelling in the neck.

Different Causes of Sore Throat During Pregnancy

Sore throat, which can also occur during pregnancy, may have different reasons other than the reasons shown above.

Expectant mothers should wash their hands frequently after touching the door handles. Because door handles are the areas that contain the most germs. It may be insufficient for expectant mothers to stay and distance from sick individuals.

The allergic reaction of the expectant mother to dust or a different situation may also cause a sore throat. For this reason, pregnant women should know in advance whether they have allergies. With this awareness, she should go through the periods of pregnancy.

Speaking loudly and for a long time can cause a sore throat. Especially pregnant women may prefer to live more calmly.

Reflux, fungal disease and sinusitis can also often cause a sore throat. For this purpose, pregnant women should determine whether they have one or more of these diseases by doctor’s control.

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