Causes Pain Under Left Rib?

Pain can be very painful from time to time for people. In addition to being painful, pain under the left rib can also be a situation that worries people. People who have to experience pain under the left rib, which makes them feel like there is pain in the chest, may be seriously afraid.

However, the pain felt under the left rib can often occur due to gas compression in the large intestine. Pain that manifests itself under the left rib can sometimes be a harbinger of lung, spleen, stomach or kidney diseases.

There may be many pain felt in the left rib. The reasons for these are varied. Sometimes the pain associated with the discomfort in the organs located under the left rib may be due to gas pains or may be related to a blow to that area.

Pain that occurs under the left rib can sometimes be so severe that it can hit the back. With the pain under the left rib hitting the back, the pain felt both in the back and under the left rib can scare the person. Especially people at risk of heart attack may be very worried about this pain. If the pain is really unbearable, it is important to go to the doctor without wasting time.

How Is Left Rib Pain Relief?

The first thing to do about left rib pain, which is the case for many people, should be to consult a doctor. Techniques and diagnoses to be carried out by the doctor will determine the treatment methods, depending on the present condition. Especially if there are cases such as fracture or cracking of the ribs, treatment is performed through compression bandages.

If there is a mass in the area where left rib pain is felt, surgical intervention may be required in such a situation. There is also the possibility of experiencing a very difficult process such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy in line with the shrinkage of the current mass.

What Is Good For Left Rib Pain?

There are some certain methods that can be applied at home against left rib pain. Thanks to these methods, it is possible to relieve left rib pain. However, the point that should always be kept in mind here is that left rib pain is a serious problem and it is necessary to consult a doctor first. Apart from this, some of the main methods that can be applied to relieve left rib pain are:

– After mixing 2 spoons of black pepper until it becomes a paste, applying it to the part where the pain is felt is good for pain. The process is completed by washing this application after 2 hours.

– After mixing up to half a kilo of honey and 3 tablespoons of onion, it may be good to apply this mixture twice a day to the sore part.

– Regularly consuming a sufficient amount of walnuts without interruption can produce an effect that relieves left rib pain.

Which Organ Is Located Under the Left Rib?

The pain felt under the left rib often scares the person considerably. It is thought that the cause of this pain is caused by the organs under the ribs. Pain may occur under the left rib due to the discomfort in the organ located under the left rib.

The organs under the left rib are as follows: There are organs such as the stomach, spleen, and large intestine. The pain of health problems related to the gallbladder can also cause a feeling of pain under the ribs. If such pain is felt, it is very important for health to go to a specialist doctor.

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