Causes Menstrual Pain?

Bleeding, which is expressed as menstruation, occurs due to the excretion of the uterine wall, which is normally prepared for the development of the baby in the womb, by the body as a result of the lack of fertilization. The uterus, in other words, the uterus, is essentially a muscle tissue. Here, this muscle tissue begins to contract in order to help throw the soft wall that surrounds it.

The hormone called prostaglandin triggers these contractions of the uterus. Prostaglandin reaches high levels in the blood one to two days before the start of menstrual bleeding and begins to decrease after the first two days of menstruation. The higher the current prostaglandin level, the more severe the menstrual cramps that occur.

This is the reason why the menstrual pains are felt at the very beginning of menstruation. Menstrual cramps that are noticeable due to the menstrual cycle are called primary dysmenorrhea. Apart from this, the menstrual pains felt due to the medical conditions listed below are defined as secondary dysmenorrhea.

– Endometriosis: It is called the removal of the tissue that covers the uterus out of the uterus and the development of the fallopian tubes, ovaries or other tissues covering the pelvis. It can cause the occurrence of chocolate cysts, as well as painful menstruation, pain can be felt during sexual intercourse.

– Cervical stenosis: In some women, the opening of the cervix is ​​small enough to prevent menstrual flow. This small opening may cause an increase in the pressure that occurs in the uterus, resulting in more severe pain.

– Pelvic inflammatory disease: This infection of the female reproductive organs is mostly caused by sexually transmitted bacteria.

– Uterine fibroids: Mild uterine fibroids, which come from the muscle and fibrous tissue in the uterine wall, are non-cancerous but can be hard and large-sized tumors. Those with uterine fibroids may experience more severe pain during menstruation.

– Adenomyosis: In this health problem, it begins to grow towards the muscle walls of the uterus, which is the tissue covering the uterus.

What Is Good For Menstrual Pain? How Does It Pass?

Menstrual pain can often cause an unbearable pain sensation in some women. There are some methods to solve this negative situation faced by menstruating women every month. So, what is good for menstrual pain? How does it go? Here are 8 different methods that will be good for menstrual pain.

Although the periodic period, which is called menstruation or menstruation, is an extremely normal period for the female body, the pain felt can turn this process into a nightmare. While some women get through these pains slightly, some women may feel these pains in a very severe way. It is possible to relieve severe menstrual pains with simple methods you can apply at home. The methods that will be good for menstrual pain are as follows:

– To apply heat with a hot water bag that can be placed on the lower part of the abdominal area.
Taking a warm shower
Drinking lots of water
– consuming ginger,
– Rest,
– Exercising regularly for at least half an hour 3 days a week,
– reducing stress,
– Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin B-1 (thiamine), magnesium and vitamin B-6 supplements have a reducing effect on menstrual cramps.

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