One of the numbnesses is the numbness in the left arm. Those who have such a health problem or their relatives who have complaints for the same reason can guide themselves and their relatives correctly by having detailed information about the causes of left arm numbness and how it will go away.

Causes Left Arm Numbness?

Left arm numbness can occur due to many different reasons. Disorders in the heart or disorders in the blood vessels leading to the heart can cause numbness in the left arm. Left arm numbness is seen due to restriction of blood flow and heavy lifting. Sometimes falls, accidents or sudden movements can cause numbness in the arm. In arm numbness seen without a physical factor, a neurological factor or stress can cause arm numbness.

Although numbness in the left arm is not seen as a life-threatening condition, ongoing left arm numbness can be a symptom of a heart attack, so it must be taken seriously. Among the most common causes of left arm numbness, both are nerve compression and nerve damage due to cervical hernia. Pressure on the nerves in the arm and poor blood circulation are among the main causes of left arm numbness.

The main causes of left arm numbness can be listed as follows:

Spinal canal narrowing
– Lumbar hernia
Brain and spinal cord tumors
– Diabetes
Broken leg
Restless leg syndrome
Psychological reasons
Circulatory disorders
Vitamin deficiency
Pain caused by constantly staying in the same position
– Types of matches
Brain infections
Brain bleeding
Vascular occlusions
Cancer metastases
– Migraine and rheumatic diseases

How Does Numbness In The Left Arm Pass?

Those who have a numbness problem in the left arm wonder how this numbness will go away. The feeling of numbness in the body occurs as a result of excessive stimulation or damage to nerve cells. Numb feeling mostly; It can be seen in hands, feet, legs, arms and other parts of the body. The severity of the numbness is of greater importance than the region where it occurs. Numbness creates a feeling that there is no area in the area where it occurs.

In left arm numbness, a specialist neurology physician should be consulted. Medical tests performed for the determination of the cause are found and medical treatments are applied. In order to relieve the numbness in the left arm, medical treatment, physical therapy or surgical intervention methods are performed under the supervision of the doctor.

What are the Symptoms of Left Arm Numbness?

Numbness and tingling sensation occurs in left arm numbness. When the numbness that bothering with burning pain occurs in the brain part, numbness occurs in the right or left part of the body. Numbness in hands and feet manifests itself in the form of pain and burning.

Pain in the left arm may not be very severe and in this case it may not require medical assistance. People with numbness in their left arm may be uneasy and pale during the examination. Skin surfaces are cold. A bluish tint can be observed around the lips due to lack of oxygen.

Does Excessive Smoking and Alcohol Use Cause Left Arm Numbness?

Excessive smoking and alcohol use is one of the bad and harmful habits that cause many important ailments. Habits that are harmful to human health such as smoking and alcohol used for a long time can cause nerve damage and loss of sensation. These nerve damage can lead to left arm numbness.

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